Do Nothing. Restore Yourself.

Observing my dog angels reminds us to take time to restore ourselves. Taking a break to refresh is essential for your spirit and body.

Invitingย you to do something pleasing for yourself today. What would it be?


How about a 30-minute break of doing nothing?


Or just goofing around the house, doing nothing. It might be difficult, but possible to do ๐Ÿ™‚

zoe sleeping

Replenish your energy, by simply resting.

dogs sleeping

Do take care of yourselves, my dear friends. Happy Lounging.


All photographs belong to Ludaย

ยฉPlantsandBeyond.comย ๐ŸŒฑ

51 thoughts on “Do Nothing. Restore Yourself.

  1. Love the photos of your dogs. Ah they know how to relax and play so cute. They look like Collies. Our pets teach us about taking time out, they know when we have had enough and the come along with distractions. I love this within the dog and cat kingdoms.

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  2. Beautiful post and adorable furry teachers! They teach us without words, unconditional love, unconditional happiness,trust, a positive, friendly, curious, and playful attitude, and the ability to “relax” completely!
    Sending lots of kisses to your fur babies! Amira โค

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