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Wild Turkeys

This idea came to me in a dream – MGM- Monday feature – a one minute segment about what is cooking in the garden 🙂 🌱

Take 30 seconds to observe these rarely seen wild turkeys in Florida. I think the parents are teaching their baby how to feed. 🦃






MGM – did it take less than 60 seconds to view the post?

I hope so 🙂  Wishing you a serene and mindful Monday,💫🌿

All photographs belong to Luda

© 🌱

34 thoughts on “Wild Turkeys

  1. I just love your mindful eye for plants and nature, it’s awesome!! These were beautiful and so interesting, it’s always intriguing how baby animals are taught to feed and the different ways animals go about doing it. Wouldn’t it be possible for domestic turkeys to carry Wild Turkey traits, they’re all turkeys, right?

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