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Nothing Tastes as Good as Healthy Feels.

What the health2


“What the Health” documentary makes a profound impact on my lifestyle.

Wht the health

Yup…. After so many useless pleads, threats and logical discussions, a simple evening of exhausted parental date night on TV couch changed my life. Just like that! Sitting in tears and feeling super upset, duped, lied to and pissed off. “What the Health” is a heaven’s sent Netflix documentary that opened my eyes, as I was ignorant and oblivious to the food industry conveyor machine for more than 40 years.What the health1


Let me start with my intelligent husband’s herculean efforts, and at times, quite emotional tirades directed at me, family and friends, to say the least; it took me 16 married years to stop laughing at him… Shame on me. Really embarrassing to admit this, but since we met, my husband begged me to become Vegetarian strictly for the health benefit and abandon all the animal based substances as well as processed foods.  My reaction: WTF? Just because you are bigger than me, more testosterone driven and really intimidating with your loud frustration doesn’t mean I will change my whooooole way of life for you. Yes, I say yes, to most requests, but this is crossing the line…especially my secure, delicious, daily Atkins inclined diet, that I learned to accept with ease in my 20’s. In reality, meat is all I knew how to prep and cook, really well. Imagine how Forest Gumps’ Bubba friend dreamed of Shrimps, that’s how I dreamed of meat consumption at each meal, even breakfast. If I wouldn’t fulfill this daily cooking quota, then I didn’t perform my duties as a Mom and wife.

What the health14

Starting with my Russian/Soviet roots, just the idea of juicy, salty savory taste of ANY meet substance makes me drool L I mean, which ancestral relative, in their right mind, would accept meal servings without meat. Soviet Post war children would not be labeled as deprived in this era!  This is all we know: fried, overly reconstituted meat filled meals. Flipping through my multigenerational recipes, lovingly shared by my talented Mom, I mourn my beloved chicken soup, meat stew, pierogies, kotletki, nalesniki, cold meat cuts, pig’s fat. Shaking my head as I write this…..It is so sad what we are preconditioned to eat. In fact, my mother in law, when offered any type of salad or greens repeatedly states she is not a COW!

What the health6

Well, if adopting a plant based diet is needed to regenerate our bodies, then I am proud to be branded as a brain washed hippy, new trend, starving children’s MOM.

What the health7

My life-long struggle with achieving ultimate body function precipitated my research for holistic alternative solutions decades ago. Treating sick patients while I  practiced clinical Nursing and weighing in our ancestors health issues, there is no way I want to struggle with low vigor levels, pain, high blood pressure, cholesterol, stroke, heart disease, anxiety, diabetes, organ failures. What kind of life is this? Who wants to suffer instead of living?

What the health8

But in recent years, personally feeling no energy, being bloated, addicted and mostly immune to caffeine, gaining weight on the very organic, very much animal protein enriched diet that we follow, made me question everything.

What the health9

When we discuss this concept with our dear esteemed friends, we get fire, “We all going to die so we will die happy, eating what we want”.

Really? Does that make logical sense to any one? If happy means pain, suffering, immobility, and burden to others (as I treated and witnessed thousands, throughout my nursing career), then, I rather lead “a very sad state of existence”, consuming that which makes me feel alive. Repeating: this is NOT a diet, but a Way of Life…

What the health10

Note on modern medicine: Being a compassionate and caring RNBSN, I couldn’t support the contemporary industry that temporary patches up patients instead of practicing true healing. Leaving my RN progressive career was a super tough decision.  Sacrificing my career ego was necessary to take care of my own needy family in the best holistic manner possible.What the health11

My son kept asking what I feel about killing animals and supporting the money making conveyor industry of carnivores…..Today, the cruel treatment of our interconnected earthly cohabitates, will not be discussed here. This topic deserves its own blog and makes me question the “humanity” of the human race. But for the sake of diversity, most definitely becoming a mainly plant based consumer will benefit all animals and our planet’s ecologyWhat the health12

My friends, I invite you on this journey of rebirth, by shedding all the pre-conditioned beliefs, parental nagging, and societal conditioning by breaking out of your restrictive mindset shell. Get informed, get together, support and respect and appreciate each other to make your own life a better experience… Invest in yourselves!!! I celebrate all the power house people that already have been enjoying their reclaimed health through this rational change of lifestyle. Not feeling left behind anymore, but instead let’s join this ultimate forward thinking movement together. We need each other’s support, love, and diverse talents. Green, whole, plant based living is our cleansing liberation. Who is with me?

What the health13

Lastly, can we please share our results with each other? I promise to hold your hand throughout this metamorphosis, sharing ideas, experience and all my recipes with all enlightened souls. For G-d knows, I need support, too, from like-minded people.

This was my first ever blog written from the bottom of the heart. Forgive me for being late, but at least my emotional rant gets out there in the cyber universe.

My updated progress being plant based for a month now: No bloating, no weakness, exhilarated, 6 lbs of lost weight, feeling light and flowy. In my book, it’s totally worth it.

Living you with my mantra:  NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS HEALTHY FEELS. That is pure truth.

Yours Truly.

Recovered carnivore,

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What the health5

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27 thoughts on “Nothing Tastes as Good as Healthy Feels.

  1. I’m happy that you changed your life style. I’m with you BUT I’m not ready to cut out on meat, never. Other than that, I love your post and I like healthy food too.

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  2. Excellent post and it all makes it worth it if your hubby now says “told you so”! I am not vegetarian as I couldn’t do without chicken but I do my best to eat plenty of fruit and veggies. They taste good and aren’t boring 🙂 I’m glad you’re feeling better now that you’ve changed your eating plan, my friend

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww, Christy, Your response means so much to me 🙂 Thank you for your feedback. I was kind of nervous posting this, not sure how people would react to different lifestyles… Yes, Hubby is extremely happy , LOL. So wonderful to get to know you and make new friends 🙂

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  3. A great read Luda. You have written your story of change with all of your heart and it shows! Being a vegetarian is easier on the body mind and spirit, .I appreciate your journey to health and healing.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Being a vegetarian myself by birth and by choice now I understand and sense your reflections here Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate your posts. The power of choices rests with us and that is what makes who we are . Cheers to good health and living life lovingly 💙👌💙

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  4. Luda, I loved reading this post. I can’t count how many times I’ve argued that humans are designed to eat meat, but really where the hell was I getting my information from? It’s outrageous just how expertly and effectively we’ve been kept in the dark about the consequences of eating meat and animal products. That documentary is amazing. Also, you should check out the part one to it titled Cowspiracy which focuses on the impact agriculture has had on our environment. I just documented 5 days of going vegan on my blog. The pictures you have here are very inspiring. I haven’t been to the grocery store yet, but I definitely feel more motivated!

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  5. HI Lyz, thank you so much for visiting and reflecting on this post. So nice to have your support. Really not so many people are into this life change and even after the facts are disclosed, still continue on their usual and familiar brainwashed food consumption cycle. I can’t wait to read your vegan post and curious what transpired. Also, thank you for steering me into Cowspiracy movie. Still, in my queue and somewhat apprehensive watching it just because don’t want to witness animal abuse.. but now I will certainly get educated. Have a wonderful evening and talk to you soon 🙂


  6. Oh my gosh, I love this post and couldn’t agree more!! I hate seeing people so unhealthy and sick when it could be changed so much with diet, and I won’t even go into the pharmaceutical companies!! I love the saying “nothing tastes as good as healthy feels”, so true!! I started on this journey about a year ago, then when the rest of my family still wanted meat, sons still do, I started having it here and there. The documentary you mentioned was what got to me last week, made me so angry now the sight of meat sickens me. And, huge accomplishment, I am finally able to ditch the coffee creamer, make my own cashew creamer and my husband is on board, finally! Yes, we need to encourage each other in this healthy way of life. Here’s to health!! Thanks for spreading the health message 🙂

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    1. We are so alike and it makes me at ease that people like you will move this industry towards health for a change. Also, so impressed by your cashew creamer-Please share the recipe, pretty please? I can’t stand the almond milk, but need some creamer to mix in the coffee. I just had a thought that you might enjoy the same brand as me, LOL

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      1. Coffee is my “have to have” and giving up the creamer was the one thing I just couldn’t seem to do! This lists lots of alternatives, but I don’t like sweetened and need it creamy, cashew creamer is the one that I tried and it does the trick! Never thought I’d find something suitable because I am a coffee feen, organic of course;) hope this helps! Oh, I just mix in my ninja smoothie maker, using 3/4 cup of water to the soaked nuts

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