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Radish Time


Is it smart to take the risk in the garden, break rules and plant veggies out of season?



I am itching to plant something in my backyard Raised Bed Veggie Garden. Covered raised beds lie dormant each summer, lifeless. Here, in Florida’s summer months are hot, wet and humid, along with hosting many opportunistic pests. Really, it’s our North continent’s winter reversed.  My last harvest seems as a distant echo and waiting one more month until official planting season starts feels unbearable.


Thus, I decided to experiment with the easiest and the fastest vegetable to grow-French Radish. It only takes a month from planting a seed to harvesting the crunchy produce. After purchasing my usual preferred organic seeds by Botanical Interests, I was contemplating how to plant them in the ground that is covered by weed protective cloth. Prior seasons, the dirt beds were exposed to the natural environment, without any weed protection.  It was a never-ending battle between human and nature, perhaps a losing battle, rather. Nature took the lead…


I took some box cutters and sliced the fabric to make an opening and continued in an orderly fashion throughout the planting territory. Dug a ½ inch trench and planted the tiny seeds a ½ inch apart with 8 inches between rows. Watering twice a day with the installed slow drip system. To my elation, in 5 days, tiny seedlings emerged. In humid out of season early August Florida! Super Interesting.


Against, all odds, this little risky project is working out so far. Here are the pictures of my last season’s harvest. Perhaps, with some luck, we will have some new French Radishes ready 1 month ahead of schedule. Will keep you posted on the progress.


Oh, and I still find my nursing medical gloves very versatile, even if they are not matching my Garden ambiance :)))





Margarita Radishes would be my upcoming Autumn goal: (below image is last season’s 1 percent of Radish harvest :)))


Cheers! and Happy Gardening.



All Images belong to PlantsandBeyond and all garden produce have been homegrown Spring 2017 and started in August 2017

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