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Landscaping With Stone

~Stone can be a very versatile material. Below are just a few tips on how to use stone within your landscaping to achieve various decorative and practical effects. 

Take advantage of suntraps with patios

A patio can provide a hard and stable surface for outdoor furniture. A vibrant patio area is just one of several standout features that the ultimate backyard should boast. Nonetheless, it is the one that will add value to your life as well as the property and will create a gradual transition from the inside of the house to the green outdoors. Check out some of these patio ideas to help you choose a style of patio. 

Opt for gravel when on a tight budget

Can’t afford a patio? When it comes to creating a social area in your garden for placing furniture, a budget-friendly stone option could be to lay down some gravel. A gravel area is easy to maintain and there are all kinds of different gravel options including pea-size gravel (which is more comfortable to tread on barefoot), marble chips (which can give the area a sophisticated look) or Jersey Shore gravel (if you want to create a beach theme). 

Protect flower beds by adding stones

You can also add gravel and stones to flower beds as an alternative to mulch. Such stones can help to prevent weed growth and often work out less expensive than mulch as they don’t need to be replaced as often. Stones won’t benefit the soil the same way that mulch does so keep this in mind. 

In fact in Florida, we opt out to using the stone garden beds to word off the reptiles. Perhaps its too hot for them to crawl on the rocks, or may be it easily exposes them to the human or hawk’s eye. In any case, this decorative stone material is very favorable in subtropics.

Get creative with stone edging

When it comes to separating flower beds and your lawn, there could be many creative stone edging options to look into as an alternative to wood or metal edging. A few different options to consider include pebble dividers, bricks, cinder blocks, slate edging or large rocks. Stone edging can be a resilient option against the wind. 

Add some sophistication with statues

Statues could be a way to add more character to your garden. This could include Ancient-Greek-style statues, dragons, cherubs, Buddha statues or even abstract stone sculptures. You can buy garden statues in marble and bronze – as well as various other materials. Stone statues are likely to have a more traditional and earthy feel than metal ones. Also, they will not be tipped over from the high wind gusts. 

Consider a stepped garden with retaining walls

If your garden is sloped, you could consider separating it into several levelled tiers. Each tier could be separated by a retaining wall and some stairs. There are lots of creative things you can do with retaining walls including adding creeper plants or even adding in stone benches. I found it super interesting to learn what could be done with stone walls around your property. Super ideas from clever gardeners.

Make it a great day, my dear friends.

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