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3 Garden Ideas To Keep In Mind

~ Gardening can be a relaxing hobby, but not everyone enjoys spending a lot of time digging, pruning, and making their outdoor beautiful. Thankfully, you do not need to turn into a garden expert to transform your backyard. 


Indeed, if you do not enjoy the idea of managing plants day after day, you can opt for a different approach to make the most of your garden space. Turning your garden into the social heart of your home is all about creating a cozy and inviting space outside your house. What if you think of your garden as an extension of your living room. Building a comfortable, warm, and elegant outdoor lounge for all can dramatically transform your yard, even if you are not a talented gardener. However, make sure you can avoid these common garden mistakes:


You are not sure how to manage your lawn

There are many options to tame your garden grass. Typically, while most homeowners choose to add a deck or to pave an area of the garden to reduce the green surface, many still try to maintain a small lawn surface in their yard. Your lawn adds not only a pop of color to the garden, but it also makes it appear more welcoming. However, if your soil lacks nutrition, you can struggle to get the green and lush garden you have been dreaming of without the help of your local best lawn treatment company. Leave the choice of adequate and healthy fertilizers to experts who can do the hard work for you, while you can relax! Imagine all the vegetable gardening, or even flower care that you need to do per day and on top of it, maw the loan. I can not. Especially, if you reside in warmer climates. My choice was to hire the loan company just so I can concentrate on other garden tasks that make my day more fulfilled.


Your furniture is cute but not weatherproof

Where do you find the comfiest, coziest, and cutest outdoor furniture? It is not a trick question. It is typically sold in the garden furniture, mega box stores, and thrift shops. Although, knowledge of sturdy materials and brands is crucial when it comes to creating a long-lasting outdoor lounge. Ideally, you want to introduce a covered lounging area that you can keep dry and heated in winter. Thinking that your garden furniture will be protected from the elements automatically is a mistaken notion. Definitely invest in researching the degree of protection that each item provides. If you are purchasing particular outdoor furniture, pick the best weatherproof garden items you can find. As a rule of thumb, plastic chairs are durable, but not the aesthetically pleasing option.  However, treated wood or metal makes an ideal material for an elegant garden addition to your property. 


You had a vision but no plant knowledge

Ironically, when I enter people’s homes and see all the furniture nicely displayed, but it’s missing the living element. Usually its the flower pot or a table succulent display. Almost as all the things are set up, but the vegetation is missing. However, for non-gardeners, the choice of is typically limited to a few potted plants, and most of all -fake ones. Ugh. That is a safe option, but it does not spruce up space the way the living organism does. A little research can spare you the trouble of buying something that doesn’t suit your soil or that requires more attention than you can provide. Ideally, you can get in touch with a professional landscaping designer to discuss the best options for your situation.


While not everybody can build a lush and vibrant garden, everyone can create a purposeful space out of their backyard. Thinking of your garden in terms of outdoor extension gives you a new perspective to improve the space without worrying about your lack of green thumbs. However, there are some essential rules to follow to make it work, namely nourishing your lawn, picking the right garden furniture and choosing the most-suitable eye-catching plants.

Make it a very green day, my dear friends.


Photographs listed here do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com



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