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Love Your Veggies

~ What is the point of having a beautiful kitchen if you never get to use it to its full potential? While it is nice to treat the family to take out every once in a while, the art of cooking is so much fun to master. Even if you have an undoubtable love for vegetables, your family might not be in the same boat. Eating a balanced diet is crucial for ensuring the right amount of vitamins and nutrients, so how can you encourage your family to love vegetables just as much as you do?

Learn How to Prep Them 

Perhaps the problem with your vegetables right now is that you are not preparing them correctly. Even the sharpest knives and most expensive utensils will not do any good if you do not know how to properly utilize them. So, consider investing in kitchen utensils that can make prep-time easier. The Best Mushroom Knife will transform your mushroom prep, whereas spiralizers or 3-in-1 avocado tools are all ideal for making the vegetables a little more interesting. 

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Cook Them Differently 

The problem might be that you only cook your vegetables one way. However, this isn’t the only way to enjoy them, and it might be what puts your family off eating them. Some people will not enjoy zucchinis raw or boiled, but they will love them when roasted. Likewise, you can think about frying green beans, onions, and peppers for a quick addition to any other meal. You have plenty of cooking options in your kitchen, so make sure you utilize them all. 

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Make Them More Flavorful 

A lot of people, especially kids, believe that vegetables are not flavorful enough, at least not compared to other foods. This is a problem that is easy enough to solve, though, and you enhance the flavor with a sprinkle of salt and pepper or add herbs and spices to everyday vegetables to make them more exciting. 

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Be a Little Sneaky 

There are plenty of arguments for and against hiding vegetables in your children’s food. Some people believe it is the only way to convince kids to eat their greens whereas others feel it can impact a child’s relationship with food because of the deceitful nature of it. It is up to you to decide which side you stand with, but if your child is especially stubborn about eating their vegetables, this could be the last resort. You could go for a less sneaky approach by choosing vegetables they have previously enjoyed but perhaps don’t eat enough of to maintain a healthy and balanced diet that will set them up for good habits later in life. 

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It is Easy Being Green 

Many people grow up thinking that they do not like vegetables. You may have been the same at some point, surely I was. But, when prepared and cooked properly, vegetables are just as healthy as any other meal, and the sooner your family understands this, the sooner they can improve their diet. 

Make it a very healthy day, my dear friends.

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