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A Few Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy

Have you ever wondered around your yard and noticed the foliage and tree branches don’t look quite right? Expecting it to look luscious and green, but instead, your plants are showing the signs of damage or disease. It’s very distressing to find your plantings attacked by bugs or the weather conditions.


Here are some ways to minimize the problems in your yard:



Take Care With New Plantings

Avoid planting any plants, trees, bushes or edibles that are already diseased or not doing well in the original pot. Recently one of the nursery owners asked me to purchase his tomato seedlings. I looked underneath of the leaves and found aphid egg infestation in each plant. Speaking up about the problem, the owner asked me to take on the challenge and cure the tomato seedlings in my own yard. I truly wanted to either blast him or laugh in his face. Reason prevailed and I just retreated quietly and never came back to the same nursery place. Please, don’t buy plants that look distressed and plant them in your garden. Not knowing the root of the problem might infect the whole yard. Speaking of roots, it is wise to lift the plants out of the pots right at the nursery to check on the overgrowth. This will give you an idea of how old the plant is and if its being root bound. 


Be Careful With Watering

We all know our plants and trees need water, but so do the bugs and diseases. The best way to water your plants and trees is to choose methods that effectively moisten the root system and not the leaves. I especially love the drip hoses, for they don’t spray above all over the flowers and plants, thus preventing the leaves from being sunburned and manifesting mold diseases.  Year to year they drip hoses are my watering of choice for the vegetable patch and I rest easy, knowing that my plants don’t get unnecessary overhead water damage from the sprinklers.

girlanddog in the garden

Have a Clean Up In The Fall

It is always a good idea to clean and close your garden in the Fall or in the Summer if you leave in southern regions. Clear away any dead leaves, old foliage and fallen rotten fruits, as they could well have bugs on them, which can survive the winter, under debris and then attack new growth in the spring. Trim your trees, or have this tree company do it, along with any bushy shrubs, and if you want to get rid of any plants or trees that are overgrown, encroaching on the house or infested with bugs.


Until next time, dear friends.


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28 thoughts on “A Few Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy

  1. I love this advice. I never thought of how the leaves and blooms get wet. 😮 You’re so insightful! The idea that the ROOTS are the source then, makes total sense to just water THEM.

    I’m learning so much. Over this last weekend my daughter purchased the base for the potato planting. 😀 I’m very excited. We’re letting her do everything herself. “Mom, I know what I’m doing!”


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Awww- my dear Mel – you are so sweet for writing you feedback – appreciate it very much – now did I tell you how impressed I am with your daughter ?! Lol – then I will tell you again – amazing and decisive girl you have – I only wish mine would show any gardening interest – I can’t wait to hear about the potatoes 🥔 progress!!!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I hope we get to eat some. Lol! You’re posts are inspiring. My life like my tastes, is very eclectic. We do a bit of everything. Gardening in summer is quite challenging in Texas. Must wake up at crack of dawn before the sun slaps the sweat on you. However, I have experienced much contentment and delight (along with sweat 😉) after trimming the hedges and my Mom’s rose bush. A feeling of pleasure and great satisfaction to beautify the from yard.

        Love! Have a lovely day!!! 😘

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  2. I’ve always been baffled with this rule about watering the roots and not the leaves.
    When it rains should I rush out to the garden with an umbrella and hold it over my lemon tree?


    Liked by 1 person

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