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Grass is Greener in Your Own Backyard

~ When it comes to taking care of your lawn, it might seem like a bit of a minefield.


You feel as though you have done your lawn justice: mowed it and watered it during a drought. Although you still notice that it does not seem to be quite enough. If your yard looks like its growing more weeds than grass or if you see that the grass has brown patches,  here are some things you can do to make it brighter and greener in your very own property. 


Mind the Length

In our zeal to keep our lawns well maintained in the sunnier months some people get a little overzealous with their mowers. It is important to remember that plants have feelings too! When you over mow your lawn (this is also known as scalping) this can be a traumatic experience for the plant and may inhibit its ability to photosynthesize. Thus, you may end up with dry and patchy grass in some places. Set your mower to around 2.5 inches and never remove more than a third of the blade when mowing.



This does not involve trying to scare the lawn into being better. It means raking the lawn or using a scarifier to get rid of the thatch within the grass. That could be preventing it from reaching its full potential. Thatch prevents nutrients and oxygen from getting into the turf. You can scarify the garden in either spring or autumn, usually, once a year is enough.


Feed Your Lawn

Sometimes your grass will need some nutrients that they’re failing to get from their natural habitat. You can invest in Liquid Nutrients to spray on your lawn, to either improve the soil, help your grass to grow or help it put up a fight against pesky weeds.



To aerate the lawn, all you need to do is to poke holes in it to let the turf breath. You can either buy tools to do it manually or use a pitchfork. However, depending on the size of your garden, the pitchfork method may take a while 🙂 Motivate your kids to help out the yard, or in my instance, armadillos 🙂 The wholes are all over the turf and it has been aerated for sure by my wild neighbors 🙂


Grass Clippings

There are valuable nutrients in grass clippings that your lawn could benefit from. So rather than chucking away the cuttings into the bin, why not sprinkle them across your lawn. The benefit is that the grass clippings shall decompose quickly and add natural conditioning into your yard.


Sweep Up Debris

Any rubbish or an excessive amount of Autumn leaves that have drifted onto your lawn should be swept away to make your lawn look instantly better and allow your garden to thrive. Fallen branches do not add so much ambiance into the lawn and present a hazard at times. Grass needs all the water, and sunlight it can get, particularly over the colder months, to stay healthy and vibrant.


Service Your Mower

Please clean the inside of your mower from any old dried grass and take care of the blades by sharpening them. Jagged, blunt or rusty edges used to chop your lawn will pull, snag and cut your lawn unevenly. So if your garden is looking worse nowadays, the lawnmower could be the culprit.

Hopefully, with the tips above, you can add it to your gardening routine, and eventually, you will begin to reap the rewards when your lawn appearance improves. Just add a bit of TLC and see what happens.


Have a wonderful and green day, my friends!🌿

Photographs listed here do not belong to Luda except for the white Orchid near the blue jar.



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