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4 Ways To Avoid Party Disasters

So you’re planning your big family and friends garden party this year and would like everything to go according to plan. Right? Well, think again. If you don’t check on certain house utilities, the party can go south. Yes, I am speaking from my own experience, sadly, full of such emergent memories.

Here is how to prevent problems during your festivities


     1. Get the Drain Cleaned 

Yes, the following did happen and made me go nuts. It was very unpleasant and uncomfortable, especially being witnessed by the party guests. In the middle of the gun evening, our drains got clogged. Ugh, even writing about it is embarrassing, but I have to get it out there, as a warning. Don’t forget to hire drain cleaning company or don’t delay it, please. We trusted our previous house owners that they did clean the house drainage system right before we moved in, as they confidently offered. What a joke. Our house guests had to experience this pretty unsightly scene of our kids’ bathrooms backing up, along with showers. Moreover, the kids’ playdates were very excited to see such drama happening during the party. It was sure more exciting than any Television channel. To go a step further, all the Barbie dolls that my daughter “washed” that day in the shower before the party and left to “dry” in the shower had to be thrown out. I will never forget that stressful night and shell never forget to check on any plumbing service that is due. Nowadays, I just ask the service company come a couple of months prior to the due date.  Prolonging this service is not worth the risk at all.


      2. Grass and Hedge Cutting

To make the garden look neat, it is a good idea to get the hedges and trees branches cut back and away from the house to create enough open and comfortable space for guests to enjoy. Sometimes unruly growth that extends into your yard, balcony or grilling space is a nuisance and might hinder the overall ambiance of the yard. Try to cut your hedges, bushes, and grass a week before the party, so the new growth can cover the cut exposed woody areas and the grass can regrow lush and green.


      3. Landscape Lighting

By having outdoor lighting installed, the outside space becomes safe in the evening hours and adds a more refined look.  From floodlights to solar lanterns, there are plenty of great ideas to incorporate for the right atmosphere in your garden and let your guests stay until late. A garden party can be a great way of celebrating friendship and family, while the outdoor lights accentuate the plant features and the walkway passage. Our neighbors put lights next to each Magnolia’s tree and at night, not only they enjoy the romantic light shimmer, but my dogs also know the boundaries of the property because of those lights. Mainly, lighting gently guides guests throughout the designated space and makes them feel welcome and secure, especially if its set outside.



       4. Deep Cleaning Your Barbecue

This is another disaster I experienced at least twice in my younger years. I love the smell and taste of Barbecue. I love it so much, that I chose to grill all on my own. That is all swell, but somehow I missed out on the fact that I had to also clean after each meal prep on the grill. One weekend party, my homemade burgers that I ate at the time and everyone loved to have when they came over, caught on fire, right in my grill. The fire spread from the burgers to the never cleaned grease in the bottom of the grilling pan. My husband grabbed the fire extinguisher and tried to put out the fire that was highly raising above the grill at that time. Imagine woods right behind our last property. Now imagine all these woods on fire. That gruesome image was running through my bewildered brains. By putting down the fire, my poor tasty organic homemade burgers were also sprayed with the fire extinguisher’s foam. I was pretty distraught, but to make the long story short the guests arrived 5 minutes after the foam was sprayed all over the grill. We had no main course to serve. I learned my lesson the hard way and never grilled again. I am laughing because now I leave it all to the man to do. While there are some DIY barbecue cleaning products available and I am very much fond of them, if he wants to Barbecue, then it is up to him to grill and clean it right after.


Having a summer garden party might be your long lasting family tradition or completely something new you do this year. What a great way to celebrate the warm weather and sunshine with good old barbecue, friends, food, and fire. It all ties together and creates great memories.


Make your own long-lasting memories by preparing for the party ahead of time.


Photographs listed here do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com




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