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5 Ways To Create The Relaxing Garden Of Your Dreams

Everyone needs somewhere to relax after a hard day at work, and since the weather is starting to warm up, more and more people are looking to their gardens to serve this purpose. After all, there’s nothing quite like laying in the sun with a good book and a cold drink. Unfortunately, your garden might not be quite right for this just yet, but regardless of whether you live in the heart of a busy city or beautiful countryside, there are a few things you can do to turn your garden into the relaxing space you need.


Plant Fragrant Flowers or Trees


Instead of planting whichever flowers you come across first in the gardening center, do some research and identify a few that have strong, stress-busting scents. Plants like jasmine, magnolia, lavender, and rose are all wonderful for this purpose. If you’re going to be out most of the day, and instead relax in your garden in the evening, go for flowers with a strong evening perfume. Honeysuckle and evening primrose are popular choices.  


Add Comfortable Seating


To be able to relax in your garden, you’re going to need some comfortable seating. For obvious reasons, most garden seating is designed with durability in mind, so it’s important that you visit a few different online stores and garden centers to find something that is also comfortable to sit in. You should also shop around for a great patio umbrella so that you can protect yourself from the sun on particularly hot days.


Consider A Swing


Along with your regular patio furniture, you might also want to get yourself a swing chair or garden hammock. Although you could always lie down on your garden bench, there’s something a lot cozier and relaxing about laying in a swing or hammock and swinging to your heart’s content. It’s a relatively small investment, but it will provide hours of fun and comfort, and adds a homey touch to your outdoor space.


Include Running Water

Ark’s water pond with flower pots

When you plan your garden, it’s just as important to consider sounds as it is to consider looks. Because of this, you may want to think about investing in a water feature of some kind. Running water is an incredibly soothing sound and is one that can help to block out unwelcome noises, like traffic and passersby. As well as this, you could also add a few wind chimes and plant flowers that attract bees, crickets, and other insects, just like Arkenaten did in his amazing water feature post at Attaleuntold.com. Please check his photography skills, love seeing Johannesburg birds and creatures photographs that he takes so effortlessly.

Ark’s Johannesburg Majestic Sunset

Boost Your Privacy

girlanddog in the garden

It’s pretty difficult to relax in your garden when you have nosy neighbors looking at you every five minutes. Because of this, it’s vital that you do what you can to boost your privacy. This could mean opting for fence panels or hedges, rather than a chain-link or ornamental fence. You could also create private areas in your garden, by building a pergola or adding lattice panels around areas you want to block from view.

gardean path

Everyone deserves a relaxing garden, and everyone can get one. All you need to do is follow the advice above.

Have a very green day everyone.

Until next time, dear friends.


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27 thoughts on “5 Ways To Create The Relaxing Garden Of Your Dreams

      1. Certainly a nice idea which I hope I can bring to fruition one day. I like the idea of having one.

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  1. I love visiting your posts 🙂 I am trying to develop a small courtyard in to a sitting area – it is taking a lot of time to know what exactly I want there. Your ideas are lovely and help me think.

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