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Hawk Watching – MGM – Monday Garden Minute

As I was researching scientific benefits of gardening for my upcoming talk, my usual daily, tiny, hummingbird sent this surrogate visitor today. I glance out of my office window and he glances back.  What does he want to convey? Ideas, please?💡


Perhaps, he flew in to get healing energy through the rainbow color spectrum of the Crystal? 🌈


Or did he come to model so the whole world will see his mystic beauty?🌎


Very grateful he chose to share his moment of glory with me and now with my blog friends.

I sent him the healing energy, gratitude, and blessings. He flew away. We will meet again, next time in your own natural green home environment, kissed by the warm sun rays.

MGM – did it take less than 60 seconds to view the post?

I hope so 🙂

Enjoy and notice nature, friends, as much as this magnificent wild bird and I do.🖼


All photographs belong to Luda


40 thoughts on “Hawk Watching – MGM – Monday Garden Minute

  1. Wow what an honour to have your day graced by a hawk. Hawks are fast and ease of movement. They have precision sight. You will have to see where his visions are taking you, to be able to see in more detail. Also to take a step back and see the whole picture. Something or someone may be hiding things from. Blessing Luda.

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  2. I am so thrilled to see this picture and your post! Just yesterday a similar bird suddenly landed in front of me while I was sitting in my patio and took off to be on a nearby roof. And I thought to myself what a beautiful bird!

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  3. Loved it, birds in general but hawks are just so graceful, you can’t help but marvel as they fly. Sometimes I just look in the sky and smile as I see birds fly or as I watch them take off and for you to be a part of that and to see that and capture it is a thing of beauty.

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