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3 Ways To Care For Your Lawn

~ Your home is your sanctuary, and your yard and lawn are extensions of that space. Taking care of your green areas will provide you with a lovely place to relax and enjoy nature. There are a few essential things to do to ensure your lawn is as inviting as ever.

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Weed Abatement

Weeds are bothersome for your lawn for a variety of reasons. They are unsightly and uninviting. Weeds take the focus away from your beautiful landscaping. Weeds are not only unattractive, but since they are plants themselves, they take away resources and compete with other intentional plants for survival.  

Employing professional weed control is a critical tool in your gardener’s playbook. Engage with the weed control experts to schedule preventive maintenance at routine intervals. Weed control service providers will treat your entire lawn as needed and target any individual weeds based on their specifications. They will create a maintenance schedule to get your yard in top shape and keep it that way.

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If you have not experienced the unique nature of aeration plugs, you have probably noticed them before. Aerating is a process where a machine or specially designed tool is inserted into your lawn. When the device pulls out of the soil, a plug of dirt is extracted and left on the lawn to break down as part of the process. 

Aeration is beneficial for lawns because the coring allows an opening for water and essential nutrients to more easily access the grass’ root system. If your green space has been compacted over time and with use, aeration will loosen up the dirt to give it a softer texture. This makes the soil more hospitable for plants, as well, since it will not be too hard for a root system to take hold otherwise.

Here is a helpful tutorial guiding you on the basics of do-it-yourself lawn aeration.


Bare, bald, or patchy spots within your grassy lawn do not have to be put up with or tolerated. Instead, opt for overseeding. Overseeding consists of spreading or planting grass seed directly onto your lawn. When doing so, it is important for continuity of the grass’ look, feel, and care for you to overseed with the same type of seed that was originally planted on your property.

Overseeding is a relatively easy process that you can either hire a professional lawn service to take care of or accomplish the task on your own. Seed spreaders are usually available for rent at local hardware stores to get the job done.

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Once you have taken care of all the tasks to keep your yard healthy and beautiful, grab a book and your favorite beverage. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Make it a green day, my dear friends,

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