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Green Yard Is Really Simple

~ Do you know how to keep your grass healthy and luscious? Its not that hard, I promise.

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#1 Provide the right amount of water

Please do check if your loan is getting the right amount of water. Every day or so, you should be watering it, and if possible, allow time for an inch or so of water during each application. This will help keep it healthy and luscious! Also, make sure to water the grass in sections without watering too much of your yard each day. Of course when it rains, you don’t need to water it that day, and I would suggest turning the sprinkler off if you have one.

Recently, my little boarder leaves were wilting. Couldn’t figure out why. Turns out the sprinkler wasn’t turned on somehow in that area. Alas its working now and I hope that the plants will revive. Please don’t wait too long- if the edges of any plant are turning britle and brown, then that is your sign that your plant is asking for a sip of water.

Photo by Sunsetoned on Pexels.com

#2 Use fertilizer sparingly

It would be best to fertilize your grass at least twice a year, but please read the instuctions. I was so sadened when a gorgeous flowering strong tree all over sudden died in my neighbors yard. When i asked why he said its because he overfertilized and dumped the whole bag on the tree’s roots. Poor tree if possible, consider using slow-release fertilizer, which will help lessen the damage done by too much nitrogen. It is essential to understand how it works before applying these types of products because otherwise, they could do more harm than good.

Photo by abdul7amid alfadhly on Pexels.com

#3 Cut your lawn often

It is recommended to mow your grass at least every other week, but if possible, cut it every week with your own lawn mower from https://classicturfequipment.com/ in order to keep it healthy and luscious. If you don’t have time for this, then consider hiring someone else to help you out!

Don’t let the grass grow too long; when the blades are longer than about two inches, they will be harder on the roots of your lawn which could cause problems down the line such as fungus growths or weed infestation. It is much better to maintain short grass by cutting often rather than allowing it to get long before cutting again.

Photo by photokip.com on Pexels.com

#4 Get rid of weeds 

Do not let weeds continue to grow- letting go too far will create an invasion of unwanted species: bugs or plants. My recent struggle is the grape wine that just smells so foul that I wish it was removed from my hedges earlier. If your lawn is not as healthy as you would like it, consider removing these pesky invaders. Weeds can easily take over an entire area of the yard if they are left alone, which takes away from what was there before. Also, getting rid of any dead plants or grass will help prevent them from infecting other plants with fungus growths such as black spots.

Make it a very green day, my dear friends


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