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Get Outside

~ Winter can feel like a gloomy time in the garden. The flowers of high Summer are a distant memory, the rain is here to stay and the change of the clocks has put paid to any hope of working in the evenings. However, there is still much to be done.

Always Make Time

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Why not always make time for your garden. Too many people use the excuse that they are busy. Just like the excuse of not exercising, folks say they do not have time to be in nature. However, you are never too busy to do something that you chose doing or like doing. If you have an hour to sit and waste scrolling through social media, you have some time to get out in the garden and ensure that things are all just right.

You will find that it is helpful to get yourself into a routine with this so that you know what to expect each day. If you tell yourself that you are going to go out there for 10 minutes at 6 o’clock in the evening on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, then stick to it, you will get into a routine in no time. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and sip it on your porch or backyard while looking at any type of greenery. Sounds serene just thinking about it.

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Keep On Top Of It

It is essential that you are keeping on top of the things that need your attention in the garden. Simply getting out there for just 15 minutes and trying to manage it in the short amount of time will save you a headache when the garden becomes unmanageable and you just give up. 

For example, in the Summer you should be mowing your lawn at least once per week. Some areas might need mowing even more frequently. Depends where you are in the global arena. Just make sure that you do not let things get out of hand, or you are never going to want to do these tasks.

Use The Right Tools

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When you are maintaining your garden, have you given much thought as to the tools that you are using? If you have not you should be. Your garden and you deserve the best quality equipment that actually dos the job, which is why you want to be using something like Redback tools. It might not seem like an important element of gardening, as a leaf blower is a leaf blower, right? Well, like everything else, not all leaf blowers for example are created equally. There are going to be some that are more powerful than others and some that have better features as well. As such, you need to think carefully about what you are choosing for your garden.

There is far less to do out in the garden when the fall and winter months roll around, so take this time to relax. Interesting concept, right? Just breath in the air and slow down as mother nature asks us naturally to be.

Keep An Eye Out For Bugs

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Not just insects that are harmful to human, but watch the bugs that are harmful to your garden or home. Ants for example could creat a problem or beatles that are grazing on your green leafage. Come out daily to look underneath the leaves of your plants. They do hide right underneath the branches or leaves or even intelligently enough into the dirt. Piles are uneven? Check what resides there?

Just think how much good you do for your spirit when you are out there breathing fresh energy, looking at the skies, green vegetation at the very same time you are checking on all your favorite plants.

Grab your cozy blankets and clothes and get out there- enjoy the outside.

Make it a very green day, my dear friends.

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Get Outside

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