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Does Your Green Space Look Right?

~ How does your green patch feel and look at the moment? Does it look healthy and inviting? You can have a marvelous living room, kitchen, bathroom, dinning room and bedroom, and even the neatest garage, but if the curb appeal is not up to par, it will set the mood instantly of anyone who visits you.

If you want a lovely-looking garden, then you are going to have to put a loving effort to ensure its thriving. Here are a few ways that you can do just that: 

Clear Up The Clutter And Items Left Out 

The problem a lot of people have with their garden is that they have lots of toys, tools, and random clutter left out. This is not a problem if it is just one of two things that can immediately be picked up. It is a problem, however, when it becomes a habit. Without being too harsh, you probably know a few people that have a garden that looks a little bit messy due to the amount of hoarded items they have left there. Perhaps they have kids or perhaps they are halfway through a job. Perhaps they just get used to the “scene” of clutter and disregard the messy yard. If you have things left out – take just 30 min a day and clear up a little. Not overwhelming, but so efficient, and before you know it, the space will look neat and clean all over again.

Photo by Gary Barnes on

Keep The Lawn In The Right Condition

Whether you have natural or artificial turf, you are going to want to ensure it is looking neat and fresh. A lot of people are looking for artificial grass in this day and age as it’s easier to maintain and it does looks so pretty. If you prefer actual grass, and it appears that a lot of home owners do- they do want the authantic ambiance of natural gifts then its a good idea to look into the irrigation services. For instance, here in Florida, if the yard is not watered for more than a day, we start seeing patches of yellow grass. Worst yet, we see yellowing of palm branches. That breaks my heart. There are services you can call upon regarding the landscape or the irrigation, so it is not too much of a hassle overall. For instance, you can find Home Lawn Irrigation Repair Services pretty easily online and they will keep everything growing ever so nicely. 

Photo by Maria Kraynova on

Create A Sitting Area That Everyone Can Enjoy

Guests or even you, yourself will want to sit down in your porch, backyard, lanai or balcony – especially during the summertime or during heavenly set Autumn days. There are an array of seating area ideas available. There’s no limit to what you might be able to conjure up!  Imagination and creativity knows no bounds when it comes to styles, furniture, cushions and pillows.

I think this might be a good start, what do you think?

Make it a green and productive day, my dear friends,

Until next time,


Photographs listed here do not belong to Luda, except for the iris flower that is my own 🙂

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