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3 Things to Consider when Planning a Vegetable Garden

~ Vegetable gardening has been an essential part of life since ancient times. It is still important today because it feeds us fresh vegetables all year long and provides many other benefits. In this blog post, we will go over some tips on starting a vegetable garden in your backyard or even with just a little bit of land! If you are looking for a fun and rewarding hobby, starting your vegetable garden may be the perfect solution.

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Determine The Space You Have Available

Assess the area that you have- is it suitable for growing veggies? How much can you grow and for how many people? Do you need to fence it so you can have a vertically growing plants, such as starfruit, climbing spinach and pumpkins? Will you benefit from raised beds? Or simply couple of containers on your porch for herbs? Start asking questions.

Make Sure You Have The Righ Tools

What kind of soil do you have? and what kind of tools? Would you be able to dig on your own, ask your family or get your vey own electric tiller and simply do the whole prep of the garden yourself?

The right tools for sowing, transplanting, and harvesting your vegetables are of course are a plus. Once I forgot where I left my shovel and had to use a kitchen spoon and my own hands. Not very conducive to planting. A trowel would be an excellent tool to have on hand as it can be used in many different ways for planting seeds or transferring seedlings into larger pots, among other things. Gardening equipment as it can be bulky and difficult to keep would benefit from an enclosed storage. A garden box, garage and of course you can always consider custom made sheds  that suit all your storage needs.

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Pets and Other Critters

It’s essential to keep in mind that just because you don’t have a dog or cat, other animals such as rabbits, squirrels, deer, armadillos and racoons could pose a problem. Some vegetables are more easily damaged than others, so it might help to know what your potential garden visitors like best before planting. I was rudely awakened by a group of deer storming into my tomato patch. Stumping all over it, breaking branches and eating my red fruits. The worst part is that this group of animals did not like the taste of tomatoes, chewed it and spit it out all over my lovely garden. I am not sure if I was more disappointed with them ruining it or not liking the taste of organic tomatoes. If you are concerned about deer eating your carefully grown produce, there are several ways to help protect it. You can use fencing ( that was my very next step that weekend) so the plants are not easily accessible. Some gardeners find success with netting, while others create scarecrows and even play music to deter them from their crops.

Photo by Andrey Yudkin on Pexels.com

The best way to start a vegetable garden is by planning, and it all starts with the basics: what kind of vegetables do you want? The reasons someone would choose one type over another are many but ultimately comes down to personal preference and how much space you have available in your yard or container garden. Some vegetables can grow in smaller spaces, like lettuce and carrots (and even potatoes), while others need more significant areas to flourish.

Keep in mind that you can get started at any time of the year, too. Even now: How? If you simply start the seedlings on your own windowsill- then you are in business!

Make it a very green day, my dear friends,


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3 thoughts on “3 Things to Consider when Planning a Vegetable Garden

  1. Speaking of critters – we had to do defensive gardening (pots on the upper deck) to keep our veggies away from the rabbits everywhere. We are going to build some elevated raised beds at some point on the lower level (hopefully bunnies can’t climb). Great post, everyone if they can should grow at least a little of their own veggies and herbs (it is so wonderful to just pick basil, etc. from my garden in the summer when I need it) 🙂

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