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Simple Green Backyard

~ Open house was a success, even in the time of COVID. People come to visit the potential future property that they might reside in wearing masks. I miss humanity so much and nothing excited me more than real estate nowadays. It’s the most exciting endeavor I ever encountered: keeps me on my toes and allows me to help people. What could be more gratifying than bringing joy into another person’s life? 

I loved the rainbow of colors at this property. Obviously, very happy people resided here. Especially, I love the yellow paint outside 😉 Resembles Florida sunshine. See above video.
3 most desirable features nowadays: 
  • Green BackYard
  • Home office
  • Pool
So this property has it all. Excellent outside resources and the views include the green fields with the Pond. What a bonus feature. 

This is me, LOL. Hello, world! Getting a bit braver posting my own images. There is so much going on in the world, that I am done worried about my own appearances. Thus, Just saying “Hi” and wishing the most positive and wonderful things to all of my friends. 

Oh by the way. This post was inspired by one of my blogger friends, Tierney. She sweetly commented that she likes seeing simple backyards. Well, here it is 😉 LOL. I think it’s functional and very picturesque still, but simpler than my previous post. ;)))))))

3 thoughts on “Simple Green Backyard

  1. I miss humanity too! I want to run around and hug everyone! At least we are getting together with our friends now, socially distancing, etc. but it is hard not to hug them. Congratulations on the open house success – great photos! That is a nice simple backyard…well with a nice pool!

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