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3 Things To Do In The Garden

~ If you are winding down your garden pursuits as the summer days draw to a close, there are still couple of things to do prior to putting the mower away for the winter. With the humid and wet weather of recent months, you might be shocked at just how fruitful your foliage and fauna has become. Are you planning to allow all of these shrubs and flowers to go to seed and possibly resemble the jungle-like appearance of your lawn? Take a look at these three tasks to do to keep your garden looking ship-shape.

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The most tedious job for many gardeners is weeding. Removing the groundsel, the dandelions, the self-heal and the thistles from your borders can be a boring way to spend an afternoon. However, it is necessary if you want your soil to remain full of nutrients for your shrubs and bushes in your garden in the winter months. Weeds are ephemerals meaning that their lifecycles are short yet intense. They can have many lifecycles in a season and are highly resilient to harsher climates. By removing them at their root this month, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your rose bushes will bloom well next spring. 

If you have tall thistles and weeds, consider picking up some suitable tools to aid the weeding process, as simple as gloves. A review of the best gardening shears will help you to pick the most appropriate example for your garden.

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Sow Onion And Garlic

Do not just assume that your vegetable growing has to cease when you have picked the last ripe tomato. Instead, you need to think about the sort of vegetables that you can sow prior to the first frost. Onion and garlic are great to sow this month and are relatively fast growing. If you are tempted to plant some spring cabbage this year, get the seeds propagating in October so you can plant out in November. With any luck, you could be harvesting in spring time. 

As you sow your vegetables, consider the crop rotation for next year and get double digging your plots. Moving your crops every year will ensure a more nutrient diverse soil that will aid the growth and health of your newly sowed vegetables.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Cut Back Plants

When you are on a pruning mission, you may be nervous to go all out with the cutting back. Don’t be shy and give your fuchsia, your box hedges and your rose bushes some drastic pruning. When dead heading your roses, ensure that you cut above a leaf nodule to promote excellent new growth. This will help your roses bud in abundance next season. When cutting back shrubs and hedges, start low and begin to shape taking off an inch or so at a time. As your hedge cutter meets older growth, the structure of the hedge will be firmer, guiding you where to stop with the pruning.

Gardening does not need to stop in the autumn. Whip on your waterproof boots and enjoy heading into your outdoor space to prep it for the change of season.

~ Make it a beautiful day. 🏵

Until next time, dear friends.


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