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5 Steps For Outdoor Entertaining

~ Summer is here and while it is been a tough year so far, things are on the way up! This year more than ever, summer is going to be a time to enjoy with friends and family, and where better to do this than your own backyard? 


Outdoor living spaces today are the extension of your home, with some great trends and ideas to help you design the perfect space to relax and unwind with your loved ones. After working hard to get your garden in shape, it’s time to make the most of it and enjoy entertaining in the sun.

Ready for a fun and memorable Summer? I think we all have been missing that aspect more or less. Here are five steps to memorable outdoor entertaining this summer.


1. Get into a backyard maintenance routine

Just as you do with your home, it’s important to develop a garden maintenance routine. From making sure the lawn stays trimmed to weeding, you might wish to keep your garden well maintained at all times – you never know when someone might come over and the grass is too high. Especially in Summer rainy season!

One thing you can do to make your garden perfect for your guests is to keep the mosquitos and other nuisance bugs away. You can spray your garden regularly to get rid of mosquitoes and reduce your chances of getting bitten. Using some citronella can also help keep the bugs away while you enjoy yourselves outdoors. One of my clients just got this system and once moved from one home to another took it with her, saying: “I need it, no matter where I reside.”


2. Create a cool, relaxed atmosphere

Entertaining outdoors should be a chilled, easygoing affair. You can create a relaxed atmosphere easily by adding plenty of chairs, cushions, rugs, and more to create a boho-style vibe and making sure there’s enough shade too. Make things comfortable for your guests and get ready to enjoy some long, sunny days together in your own personal oasis.


3. Build your own backyard bar

A backyard bar is a fun addition to have for outdoor entertaining. Whether you choose to build a permanent bar or just create a drinks station, there are some amazing backyard bar ideas you can bring to life in your garden. Get some tasty drink recipes and some dispensers and let your guests help themselves!


4. Use lighting and heating to keep the party going into the night

Who says things have to end when the sun goes down? Adding some garden lighting and some heat will help your guests relax through the night, helping you get more from your outdoor space. Make sure you got plenty of blankets to hand and consider getting solar lighting to help keep things eco-friendly.


5. Keep food simple

Finally, whenever you entertain outdoors, there has to be some food! But entertaining isn’t always easy, so you can make things simpler by keeping your food simple. A barbecue is always a great idea, or there are some simple outdoor entertaining recipes you can make in the crockpot or make ahead to take the stress out of catering. Ice cream and popsicles are always appreciated in warm weather.

Outdoor entertaining can be a lot of fun and adjusting to the new world’s health conditions, it might be the best idea yet- having guests outside. A healthy, clean, and fun environment that creates lasting memories. Get your backyard ready and stock up on the essentials ready for some fun in the sun.

Make it a very green and safe day.🌴

Until next time, dear friends.


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  1. Great points mentioned Luda .These days most people are entertaining outdoors and it is really helpful .A well maintained backyard is so important to relax and enjoy with friends and family!

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