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Easy Ways to Use those Leftover Garden Vegetables

If you have a ton of garden vegetables left over from a harvesting session, like I do, then you may not want them to go to waste. You may put some in your compositing pile but at the end of the day, if you have perfectly good vegetables then this may seem like all of your growing efforts are being reversed. If you want to avoid all of this then there are numerous ways for you to do this.

Veggie-Filled Goodie Bags


If you are having a lot of friends and family come over, then why not get some paper bags and fill them with some fresh garden vegetables? You can hand them all out to your guests when they leave and you can even send some recipes along with them as well. You can tuck a printed card into each bag if you are feeling inspired and this is a great way for you to encourage your friends and family to eat healthily as well. If you want to make the whole thing even more special, why not consider adding some apple flavored water as well, to keep them hydrated during the hot summer months?

Preserve what you Pick



Preserving fruit takes a ton of time and effort. You will, however, be very rewarded because you will have great flavor and it will last you all year as well. You can freeze vegetables without going through too much effort and you can even try your hand at pickling as well. Dehydrating is also another option if you want to try something a bit different and this can really make some tasty treats for you and the family. It doesn’t take long for you to look into these options and you’d be surprised at how easy it is for you to go that extra mile when you preserve what you pick!

The whole year we enjoyed frozen avocados and star fruits from 2017 overproduction in our daily smoothies. Yum.



There are tons of food banks and even food rescue organizations in your local area and when you donate to these, you could be helping a ton of people in your local area. You can drop it off yourself or if you know someone who is in need you could try and take it to them directly. This is especially the case if you have an elderly neighbor because it means that they are getting the fruit and vitamins they need to stay healthy. It’s important to know that if you are delivering to a healthy neighbor, that they may not have the strength or the energy to cook themselves so making a soup with the leftovers may be a better option here.

Crop Swap!


Do you know other gardeners in your local area? Then why not consider swapping crops with them? This is a great way for you to get rid of those tons of carrots you have and they may even be able to provide you with produce that you have been unable to grow yourself as well. This is a great way for you to really make the most out of the growing you are doing right now and it can save you from throwing all of your leftovers in the composting heap.

Last year I swapped my overproduction of kale and lettuce for local papayas a couple of times – that worked out great for everyone.

Pet Snacks-Vet approved!


One other way of preserving my garden crops is to give them to my pooches as snacks. Our Veterinarian agreed to my unorthodox practice since such snack is low in calories. Doggies know, oh, they know the yumminess is coming to them, especially in the form of Lettuce. That is their favorite snack. They swiftly grab the crunchy leaves from my hands and run to munch on them in separate quite house corners. So much fun to see this. Hope you enjoy viewing their excitement.


Have a very green and veggie day, my friends!


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