Airplane ride

Aerial view of Earth plane changes is simply fascinating. From dry to cold climate, the visual senses were quite preoccupied with each hour.  Flying from Arizona desert to Colorado in March was super scenic.  Attention was divided from the chosen literature to the vast nature outside. Soaring high has its advantages 🙂 Without messing my travel hairdo, spotted plants from high up,  finally. All covered in snow, hibernating.







Until next time, my dear friends.


All photographs belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com



28 thoughts on “Airplane ride

  1. Every single astronaut or cosmonaut that has gone up into Earth’s orbit or into space says after having looked back down to their home, their Mother Earth, and thought deeply about EVERYTHING it does and has done for our very existence… returns a completely different, more respectful for LIFE, a more reverant human being. Several tear up when they experience Earth from the vastness of cold, inhospitable space. ❤

    Great pics Luda! Thank you. 🙂

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    1. Hi PT. Thank you very much. What a wonderful food for thought. Now in what changed way did I get back to earth? LOL. Hope your week started out just right 🙂 Looking forward to your superior posts, PT!

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  2. Being high above the earth and seeing the curvature of it against the deep blue horizon does make one contemplate their existence and the viability of our home. When leave the microcosms of our limited habitat and see the larger picture, it does make you ponder the smallness of “us” as a race compared to the vastness of earth and its surrounds. It is very humbling to say the least and equally thought simulating.
    Absolutely gorgeous pictures for being taken through an airplane window, Luda. Thank you!

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    1. That is exactly how I felt-small, almost insignificant, as a human and lost in the grand of things. Fortunate to see the earth we walk in from the sky level. Felt as a bird and recited Socrates: “I know that I know nothing”. Thank you for your elaborate input.


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