Beachy Squabble


This is a first. Instead of meditating at the beach, an unlikely oceanic aggression witnessed. Help me decide who is right?!

IMG_2668After air travel, work, stressful week, this trip to the beach was in order. Becoming one with nature heals my body and spirit throughout.


Looking into morning horizon, two dolphins were spotted, playing and chasing each other. Seagals sang their usual songs and the breezy watery mist was caressing the shore’s inhabitants. Many live ornamental shells rested on the warm sand and clear water transported my busy mind into serenity.


(Look at this guy-he is searching for treasure with his metal device ;))))IMG_2681

Right after a heavenly dip in the refreshing ocean,  I set down in my beach chair to meditate. The moment my eyes were closed, intrusive angry sounds coming from nearby water interrupted my concentration.

A young family with two toddlers were aggressively waving hands at the nearby half wet older, middle-aged man. All of them stood to their waist in the water arguing about something. Ugh….I never in my life witnessed anything so bizarre. What possibly can you complain about in such serene earthly realm?


Well, through the wind’s murmur, I heard this intrusive yelling:

Family:  “It’s just a little child….You should be nicer to people….. SHUT UP.  GET OUT OF HERE.” (Audible European accent. Possibly Germanic?!).

Man:  “You should dress the baby appropriately for the beach. He should not be naked. You should care about other people, here. Go back to your own country.

Family:  “We don’t care about other people. Shut up.

They were aggressively approaching each other, but thank Goodness the young Dad decided to leave and all of them got out of the ocean to their own beach picnic blankets. Right below is the happening scene:


Now, I am conflicted and upset. First, my meditation was rudely interrupted. This scene made me leave the one natural place I consider sacred. Second. I don’t understand this older individual who screams in the public place at the family to dress differently. For crying out loud, mind your own business. Third, the family from another country should have never fueled this argument, for it takes two to tango.

And right then, another conflicting thought went through my mind…..If you are visiting someone else’s home, shouldn’t you abide by their rules?


For instance, when people visit my family, we ask them to take their shoes off, not to track dirt in. It’s an old-world mentality. I certainly expect guests to respect my one request and absolutely grateful to them when it happens.


G-d knows I was a toddler in Ukraine and ran naked on the beach. This is how we all grew up. But here, in the United States,  people and babies cover their bodies sunbathing. It is a common expected cultural practice. It would be unusual to see the human form in its glory, no matter how old. If such thing happens, who am I to instruct the person how to behave?!


Who is right here? Help me out, friends.


Enjoy the calmness of pictures that were taken right before the incident 🙂

Until next time.


All photographs belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com




54 thoughts on “Beachy Squabble

  1. Hmmm I think that foreigners should do as the law or the principles of the country does, but…. some cultures nowadays are hard to avoid, for instance, it would be hard to convince a traditional Indian woman to take of her Sari and dress with common cloths.
    So cultures and tradition are a main issue in some countries such as France and maybe the US.
    When the first Muslims left Saudi Arabia to take refuge in Ethiopia, the prophet has told them to live as the Ethiopians did. To learn a new culture and live by it. Of course that was long ago… in the 21th century things might be different, in Uk which is a multicultural country you may see naked children on the beech, either natives or foreigners, it depends on the parents. So…… I think that foreigners should respect the country in which they live and do as the people does, as long as it’s not forbidden by their religion.

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  2. Your photos are really beautiful and relaxing and I can see how you were disturbed as it really disturbed me too. I just think why shouting at others? what would that result in? would it be better if he just quietly explained even if he knew they would not listen at least you and others there would not be disturbed!
    Thanks for sharing

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    1. Nahla, thank you for visiting and reading . Appreciate your opinion . I think everybody is in wrong here. At this point, I almost feel as returning and erasing this memory and aftertaste. Hopefully, beauty of nature will prevail once again. ✨🐬☀️🐬✨

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  3. The photos are breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. And everyone should respect the rules of the country they visit.

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  4. “When in Rome, do a the Romans do.” That said, tolerance is always a good thing. How can a naked toddler be offensive, but what is worse: a toddler wrapped in a soggy diaper leaking into the water, or naked one that won’t do their business in the water? Go figure.
    Lao Tsu directs us to remain calm when the waters are rough…it is an ongoing practice to do so.

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  5. I would be deeply unhappy if my morning at a beach (great photo of the fighting conchs, btw) was interrupted by people yelling at each other, especially over a child. It would bother me that the child would be frightened of the angry voices. If I had to make a judgement call on who was right (although in this case I sort of think both parties were wrong), I would say it was the people who didn’t check out the local customs before coming to the beach. I think it is wise when visiting a foreign country to research what is and is not acceptable in that culture. That being said, I don’t think yelling at strangers is appropriate in any country!

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    1. Ugh, I just replied, but it looks like it got lost…Will rewrite again.
      Ann, nice talking to you again and thank you for your thoughts. Basically, it is acceptable worldwide to be courteous to others. How ridiculous to disturb the peace of others and create a disturbance. On another hand, if you don’t care about people, then don’t be around others. So crazy and glad its over.
      Have a wonderful Monday, hope its amicable beginning of the week for you,
      Lots of hugs,

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  6. The first law of thermodynamics makes this one easy: the total energy of an isolated system is constant; energy can be transformed from one form to another, but can be neither created nor destroyed. It does not matter who is right or who is wrong in this instance. Always look beyond the bad and focus on the total beauty that you have so elegantly captured in your beautiful photos. All that negative energy has been absorbed by the surrounding good of what was that very day, that very moment, and it has been long converted to the positive. Go back to that very same area and see what persists, see what thrives, and equally of importance, take acute notice of what is no longer.

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    1. Super interesting and I can not wait to share your perspective with my family. They do comprehend thermodynamics, unlike me, Ha! and would be curious to get their response to your kind input. But I do appreciate the energy exchange, transformation and your deep perspective beyond the presented task. I will absolutely go back to solidify my overall perception of that heavenly beach and will let you know what transpires. Very grateful for your positive perspective and wisdom. Plus, equally thankful for taking me over the hump and allowing me to finally leave this experience behind. Have a wonderful day and please keep in touch. Your fascinating positive approach is very much needed nowadays. Everywhere.


  7. Interesting story and question, and of course stunning photos. For what it’s worth, I’ve seen plenty of naked toddlers at beaches, swimming pools, and once being chased through a department store by a frantic parent. I think mostly, people should “live and let live” whether they are the natives or the foreigners

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  8. Ugh! Pressed send too soon. Anyway, sad that kid caught in middle. Common sense and compassion are always essential. Plus a sense of humor. If older gent was concerned he could have gently used the occasion as an opportunity to gently inform …

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  9. Hmmm, from a writing/reading standpoint, what a well contrasted-conflicted and composed blog-post. This makes for excellent, enjoyable, suspenseful reading P&B. Bravo!

    To your request from your readers about the incident, I wholeheartedly agree with you that when you are a guest, follow the home/house rules. You are A GUEST! As a matter of fact, we are ALL guests on this beautiful planet’ only here visiting! Leave it better than how you found it! That is the recognition and integrity of a grateful, mindful, courteous human being SHARING this pale blue-dot planet. We are always Guests here and everything we have and get was given to us first… before our birth and throughout most our lives, especially when we all become geriatric — we return to being dependent Guests at that time until we draw our last breath.

    Second, there are very tactful methods to address or confront people about bad public etiquette. This is certainly true, rude crass behavior usually NEVER illicits exceptional kindness, unless the victim, the receiver is the Dalai Lama!

    Those are at least MY personal thoughts. 🙂

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  10. Lovely pictures and an interesting debate. I am conflicted about who is in the wrong but am sorry it spoiled your meditation.

    We visited Alnwick castle in Northumberland in summer and they have a lot of quirky fountains and other weird water features in the gardens. Families were gathering around them and stripping their small children naked and encouraging them to play in the water. My wife and I (without children) both felt quite uncomfortable. We both grew up in families where nudity was frowned upon. I can totally see that this is not logical (nor do I really approve of such narrow-mindedness) but, nevertheless, I can’t help how it made me feel.

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    1. Thank you Margaret. For sure, It was uneasy for me, plus I left with discontent. Although since then, came back numerous times and it has been serene as nothing ever happened. So my faith in that little spot of heaven restored.

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