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Root Canal Garden Therapy


Heal thyself with Garden Therapy.


That’s right. Right after this torturous dental procedure, feeling numb, but determined to expedite the healing process, I rushed to a local Garden center.


However, the store didn’t have couldn’t have enough vivid flowers at my disposal. All I wanted was colorful and vivid flowers that are miniature enough to fit the antique flower containers.


Honestly, I couldn’t find enough of a different variety of flowers this Autumn season, perhaps Hurricane Irma effected selection in local nurseries. I had to make due with what is offered locally and currently for Florida zone 9B. Having enough greenery around the house, I was craving any splash of color….


Garden Mums flowers were offered everywhere, but I never took to liking this shrub. Thus, whatever flash of color was available from the Summer season was scooped up and utilized for my healing purposes. Ornamental Peppers (purple and orange), Dianthus, Birds of paradise and Vinca had to work together. As much as I tried to avoid leaves, I think the arrangement would benefit from the ornamental grass. When recovery will be complete, will add extra grass to the arrangement.


Truly, Gardening and Planting is a cathartic experience and I am convinced a very healing process, indeed. Feeling lighter, better and starting this Saturday, on the right note of healing energy.


Wishing you a beautiful Weekend, as well.


Until next time.




All photographs belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com


25 thoughts on “Root Canal Garden Therapy

  1. Luda what a cheerful healing display you have presented.. You have certainly cheered up my own rainy dreary afternoon here in the UK.. And I hope you are feeling much better too after the dental work.. ❤ Much Love Sue xxx

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  2. Look guys, I will ask a favour of whomever is interested ….. there is a new blog that I follow called pourmixandcreate.wordpress.com , it’s a new blogger (10 years old) she does child’s drawings and diy such as cooking. So I’d whomever is kind enough to follow her, she’s not always available so you won’t get harassed by her posts……
    Thank you

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