The Muse has answered in a form of a Noisy Mouse. Blog Update.

(Three Yong Surrealist Women Holding in Their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra)


A recent letter received to my second blog Writer’s block. Sadness, Calling all Muses” by Noisy Mouse blogger has touched my heart, encouraged writing and offered inspiration by turning to the art of the Grand Master painters.

 (One second before Awakening)dali4

It has been more than a decade since my first date with my husband. He listened attentively to my passions and love for art. Salvatore Dali was my favorite painter at that time. I would study his paintings for hours and they captivated my imagination.

On my second date, I was certainly impressed to receive a gift of a large, thick art book of Dali works. My then date, now my husband made a lasting impression, to say the least. We moved many times, even across the state, but that sentimental book is still with us. Sadly, after so many years together, the art book has not been opened until this week.

After I wrote the blog about sadness, many of you kindly offered helpful inspirational suggestions. However, the Noisy Mouse wrote a letter that prompted me to turn away from the computer screen and grab the book from the shelf right behind me. Fascinated, again and again, with the works of Dali, I tried to associate myself with some of his works. Mostly they seem psychedelic to me, but some are really colorful and evoke multidimensional interpretation and sense of wonder. The head image of this blog is one of my Dali favorite painting, called “The Hallucinogenic Toreador”. Apparently, there are 28 Venus de Milos’s figures in this scene. I can’t find all of them, can you?

Additionally, I envision 6 things in “The Hallucinogenic Toreador”:

  1. We all are interconnected, no matter what form we take: Venus, a fly, a Bull or a human.
  2. There is a grand universal plan for all.
  3. We all are fighting our own personal hard battle and have individual journeys through this lifetime.
  4. Devine Femininity inspires our civilization.
  5. Everyone has unlimited potential.
  6. Aging is a part of life, thus, meet the golden years with grace.

There are so much more, but I wish to hear from you, my friends. What do you see?

(Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire)


Saint Petersburg, Florida, has biggest Dali art Museum in the Western hemisphere. If you ever travel here, it’s a wonderful destination to visit. Here is a link and hope you will have an opportunity to enjoy Dali’s works up-close and personal.

(Nature Morte Vivante)dali6.


(The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus)


Till next time.

Luda @ PlantsandBeyond.com


Disclaimer: None of the images belong to PlantsandBeyond.

Here Is the Noisy Mouse inspirational response letter:

After reading this very well written piece, I had to give it a night so I could really answer it without jumping the gun. I too have issues with writer’s block and it seems to control a large part of my creative life.
I do really like your bullets on how to get inspiration. Reading them inspired me to write more about nature and the people who are in tune with it. As a city dweller, just hearing those words in my head helped me see the zen place where you are, and the picture fits in very nicely.
Daily I write something: it doesn’t matter what. Some days, I admit, I just don’t write and I don’t get upset about it anymore — I just let writer’s block happen when it comes. But lately, I’ve started using comments, messages from friends on facebook, and daily talking interactions with strangers as a way to get my brain going because I’m not really a “small talk” kind of person. I use talking to strangers as a way to gauge what the world is actually like (compared to what I read in the news). I find it helps center me, it helps kill my ego that says I know everything. I used to be a hermit, and avoided people as much as possible… I used to also be the kind of writer who didn’t make outlines, or like to talk about ideas until I started to actually write it down. I have half written stories, or just openings for stories all over the place.
When I have writer’s block:
-I read either news articles or other people’s work;
-I read my own work and either edit something to make it read better, or I will go back into one of those half written stories and keep adding on to it;
-I’ll look up paintings, or artwork (at an art gallery, online or on Instagram [there are so many amazing artists on there!!]) by my favorite artists to get inspired;
-I’ll draw, paint, or go out and take pictures my self;
-I go for a walk
This is a blog post I made about writing… https://thenoisymouse.com/i-write-to-either-inspire-answers-or-remember/2 Currently, my whole blog isn’t accessible by the public but this post I think might inspire you. (please what the video, that’s the main part because that’s what inspired me to write that post)

Thank you, Noisy Mouse! You inspire thousands of us!

(Women with a Head of Roses)dali5

18 thoughts on “The Muse has answered in a form of a Noisy Mouse. Blog Update.

  1. First of all, that’s a unique post I’ve read lately. Then yes there are 26 Venus. The statues, the heads and the fading heads down the red fabric.
    “The Hallucinogenic Toreador” makes me think that we’re all descendants of one another. Eve is our mother and all these Venus are her descendants.
    I too feel very often empty headed, no words or ideas are ready to come out. But you’re doing great, keep your head light and words will come out easily.

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  2. Loved reading your post Luda.. I love Dali’s work, and was very happy when I got to visit his museum in Barcelona .. And see his wonderful architecture.
    Apologies I have not been keeping up with blogs, I had not seen your updates in the reader when I was in it.. Which to be honest these days has not been as often as I should.. So have revisited only those who have commented upon my blog recently, due to time, and spending and spending it away from the internet recently.
    I do have a link of a video you will find very interesting regarding our Luna Eclipse and what is happening in our world right now to all of us who have woken up to ourselves so to speak.. Please watch the whole almost one hour.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQ9LeB9Ax48 You will not be disappointing in Lisa’s words or advice..
    Sending Love and Blessings,
    Sue 🙂

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  3. I really loved this post, Luda. Some of these are my favorites by Dali, he’s i just fantastic. Also, My apologies it took me a while to find this, the email got buried! :9 Thank you so much for all of your kind words and your referrals!! Keep up the great work.
    –TheNoisyMouse.com admin

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