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Strong and Healthy Lawn

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~Your lawn is the foundation of your garden. Having a green and healthy lawn requires a lot of care and attention, but also it’s about giving it the right things. Here are a few key components to ensure that you are growing a strong lawn.

Testing the Soil

Sowing the seeds is an important component of ensuring that your lawn is as strong as possible. Many sod installation service providers know the importance of the quality of the soil. Performing a soil test is vital because this will ensure that it is at the right pH to start growing healthy and strong grass, bushes, veggie garden or flowers. Always a good idea to start one step at a time: test the soil, get the test results and amend the soil as needed to ensure successful outcome.

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Aerating the Lawn

If you use your lawn daily then soil compaction might be prevalent and might cause issues with water drainage, nutrient absorption, and air circulation. Aerating the lawn involves putting holes throughout the lawn, around 3 inches deep. When you do this, your grass is going to use the water and nutrients more efficiently, but it will also benefit the soil organisms, such as the worms, so they will break down any thatch that tends to build up. You can rent or purchase an aerating machine, or you can use a handheld aerating tool. Good practice is to do this yearly. Put in on the calendar and you are all set.

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Let Your Lawn Reuse Grass Clippings

Grasscycling involves, very simply, leaving your grass clippings on the lawn instead of throwing them away. You may wonder why this is beneficial, but if you put grass clippings on the lawn, they will quickly decompose, which returns the nutrients back to the soil and also helps your grass to retain water. It can also benefit your lawn over time by reducing the need for fertilizers, reducing waste, and improving the soil texture.

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Water the Lawn Deeply 

Some people turn the sprinklers on a few times a week, but the fact is if you want a healthy lawn, you have got to water your grass deeper, but not as often as you think. This will ensure that the roots of the grass will grow deeper into the soil, resulting in a far stronger and healthier lawn, which will stay greener during droughts or hot weather. Summer months are most brutal, thus look at your lawn as its your family member. If you consistently take care of it, it will thrive and love you back.

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Wishing you an amazing week filled with sunshine and green vibes.

Your friend, Luda.

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