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~ Many people all over the country will be planning to host people in the backyards over the coming months, when the weather is the best. Is your backyard ready to receive visitors? Outdoor living is something that you can really make the most of in the warm months, which is why having a backyard that functions well, and looks good, is a great idea. A backyard can be like an additional room in the home, but it is often overlooked as such. So what can you do to tidy up and improve your backyard in time for the warm weather? Here are some ideas to think about.


Clean it up

One of the first steps to creating an outside space that is entertaining and inviting is to clean up what you already have. It can be hard to think about adding in new planters or new garden furniture if what you have out there is already a mess. When you do this, you can see what you have and make sure that it is in the condition that you want it to be in. Start by trimming trees, pull out dead plants and bushes, repair anything that is broken such as a broken fence, and just give the whole of the backyard a big cleanup. Starting with an almost clean and fresh slate can be a good thing.

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Assess the outside of the house

When you step outside, you will start to notice the outside of the house more. Are there any cracks in the walls that need to be fixed, or how about any paint chipping off? You should also look at your AC unit, which for most people, is going to be outside, often on the wall or by the side of the house. If it looks dirty, cracked, tilted or making noise, calling a 24 hour AC service could be needed, especially as we approach the warmer months. Living in Florida, it is my first priority to make sure that all A/C units are functioning and ready to go. We must have Air. We service them frequently. Certainly need to function in the airconditioned environment, especially if we work from home.

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Outdoor living room

If you want to embrace the outdoors more and to host more people in the summer, then having a space that you might call inside/outside living area could be just what you need. This could be getting an outdoor rug, outdoor lighting, outdoor heating, and some comfortable outdoor furniture. When you can make yourself at home, but can do so outdoors, it really does make you want to be outdoors much more.

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Consider additional touches

Have you thought about adding something additional like a water feature or a fire pit in the backyard? If you have the space, they can be very welcome features that can make the outdoor space much more appealing. They can be simple things to do, and if you start now, will be ready for the summer so you can really make the most of the space.  

Make it a beautiful day dear friends,

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