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~ House plants have many advantages. Having plants at home is not only great for your décor, its an excellent way to bring more color and improve the air quality in your house. Plants can boost your creativity, help you to work more productively, and even improve your energy levels. Plants are great. 

Another big advantage of keeping house plants is their effect on your mood. Plants can help us to relax and unwind, especially nowadays, when stressful lifestyles and questionable tomorrows play a big role. Most designers and professionals recommend adding a house plant or two in different areas, almost as the finalized touch to all the furniture.

Most of us love to see the nature thrive indoors, although not all are aware how to take care of their greenhouse memebrs inside their abode.

Get all of the Help You Can

Keeping a plant alive isn’t all about watering it. There is plenty of other help available. Read up on the Top 5 Best Root Stimulators for Plants, make sure they are planted in the right medium and even the right house pots. Remember, water is critical but there are more tools to utilize for the successful plant companions. Before buying a plant, perhaps reading about it’s specific needs, (these will often be written on the label), or the store should be able to give you more information. There is always internet, right?

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It is Better to Underwater Than Overwater

Yes, I have done that mistake also. Biggest issue is overwatering your plants. Most of us water plants when we think that they need it. When we get worried that it has been a while, if when we are in doubt or unsure whether the soil is dry, we water them. Who is guilty of that? Me! And then what happens? They leaves wilt and fall off or the plant’s stalk gets rotted. Just say no and please read the directions. Better be safe than sorry, for no one wants to see their babies get affected this way.

Preferably, simple test of touching the soil with your hands, and digging in deeper than the top layer will do the trick. If in doubt, it is better to wait a few more days than to overwater it straight away. 

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Just Like People, Plants Love Stability

It can be hard to find the right spot for a plant. Some need more light and heat than others. Some thrive in darker or damper environments. If your plant is not thriving, you might be tempted to move it around your home until you find the right spot. But, these fluctuating temperatures can do more harm than good. If possible, research a plant before you buy it. Find the right space in your home before you move it in. Then, place it in the right environment, weather its full of light or more shady, rather humid or more dry…..and let it settle. Do not move it immediately, let it adopt to its new environment. 

Dust Them

If you are watering your plants, they get plenty of light, the pots have drainage holes, and you are meeting all of their specific needs, and still are not doing well, you might be perplexed. Like everything in our homes, plants get dusty. Dusty leaves can mean that your plants can not absorb the light that they need, even if it is shining directly on them. Carefully wipe the leaves regularly so they can do their job. This is the first house plant memory of mine. Weekly I was dusting my violet leaves on the windowsill in Ukraine. In return those plants gave us beautiful multicolored flowers. Just like today, the memory of such rainbow color plethora warms my heart.

And I wish you guys to make your day as pleasant as possible. Make it beautiful.

Until next time, dear friends.


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6 thoughts on “PLANTS ARE GREAT

  1. A great post Luda, I enjoy house plants they give so much joy and keeping them dust free is important, wiping the leaves or I used to shower them to give the leaves a good clean. They always appeared to be so happy after their shower. Bless you Luda.

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