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Annoying Garden Issues Solved

~ When you first start on your gardening adventure, you are so excited you barely have time to pay attention to potential problems. As you become more accomplished and get deeper into it, you soon find that things are not as perfect as you hoped. You have garden woes, and it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it. Plants will not grow. The lawn looks parched and there are multiple insect problems. Despite your best efforts, these issues seem intractable. Happened to me for sure, and it feels discouraging even with all the resources available on the web.

Problems with your garden can sap both your motivation and energy. You want your yard to reward you for all your hard work. It just does not feel right to spend all your free time on a project and not receive any fruits of your labor. 

Here are some common garden problems and solutions to how you can solve them. Remember, no matter how severe the situation seems, there is always a solution. 

Improper Tree Placement

When you first start gardening, you begin by placing trees here, there, and everywhere. That is because you are not just thinking about how your garden looks now, but also how you want it to appear in, say, twenty years when the trees mature. 

Trees are deceptively small as babies. They are only a few feet in height, and the stalks are tiny. It is hard to imagine them growing into mighty giants, many feet tall. 

Eventually, nature will take its course, and you will wind up with a fully grown tree, which is great, so long as it is in the right place. Unfortunately, most newbie gardeners do not get placement right, putting trees too close to garden walls or foundations. Not only new enthusiasts, even experienced gardeners sometimes make such mistakes due to the sunshine/location and tree selection.

If you have made this mistake, you got a couple of options. Either you constantly trim the tree and fight with its growing branches and brambles or you can hire professionals to transplant it between four and seven meters from your property. Yes its costly, although is often worth it to preserve your masonry. If you allow the tree to continue growing unabated, it could effect the concorete, by lifiting it up with its roots or worth yet cover the property’s roof line with its brambles and cause damage. I see this often in my real estate carreer. We are always on alert with big trees when chosing a property.

Photo by Burak K on Pexels.com

Mosquito Issues

Ideally, anyone would like to come out and enjoy your own garden without insect threat. That, however, can be a challenge if you happen to live in a mosquito-infested area. (like me). Mosquito Authority – a company that controls these pests – highlights several issues that might be attracting them to your garden. The first and most apparent is standing water. If you have a pond, fourntain or bird baththat could be a reason you have so many of these insects in your garden. 

The good news is that you can deal with this problem by addressing the above issues. You can also place repellent around your home to keep mosquitoes away long-term if, for instance, you like the idea of having a pond. One of my clients loves the citronella candles. She swears by them and when she was ready to come out to her backyard she would start burning he candles to avoid the unwelcomed pets. When she sold her property with me, she forgot to move her favorit candle out of he porch. We contacted the new ownere and they happily offered it back to us. All is well that ends well.

Photo by Gravitylicious.com on Pexels.com

Sparse Lawn In Shaded Areas

Most homeowners can achieve some green lawn goals. Although they invariably find that some corners look sparse or the grass will not thrive at all. You typically encounter this problem when grass grows too close to trees.

There are two things that you need to do to solve this problem. The first is to cut back shrubs and trees that might be providing too much shade. Grass – like other plants – needs regular sunlight to thrive. If it does not get it, it can’t make sufficient nutrients to keep itself alive. 

The second tip is to water regularly. If tree roots are running immediately under the grass, these will suck up moisture, outcompeting your lawn. Watering regularly will give nascent grass seeds an opportunity to flourish. 

Finally, if you are still having trouble, you can just extend your growing beds. If grass does not want to grow, no matter what you do, this is sometimes the only option. 

Photo by Nita on Pexels.com

Weeds In Your Garden

Weeds are perhaps the most annoying garden problem of all – and something that feels like a never-ending job. 

The trick to week prevention is to establish flourishing colonies of the plants that you actually want to enjoy. For instance, weeds will struggle to grow in a dense rose bed or a perfectly manicured lawn. 

Another way to combat weeds is to change your thinking and imagine that they are madicinal plants that do feed different eco systems and live creatures. Sometimes they could be a very nutritious food sourse even for humans:)

How about that? 🙂

Until next time, dear friends.


Photographs listed here belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com


3 thoughts on “Annoying Garden Issues Solved

  1. Lots of good advice, Luda. We have a very “unkempt” landscape with many native plants. Sometimes the wildflowers get a bit too obnoxious and then I have to figure out whether I can get them under control or have to try to eliminate them completely. Tough to do.


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