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Clearing An Overgrown Garden

~ After moving into a new property and you are ready to bring your own personal touch to make it a home.  Then you look at the garden and it is more like a jungle out there than a beautiful green oasis you have imagined.  


This is a problem that becomes a non-problem as soon as you dedicate your efforts to improve the yard:


Use the right tools for the job

The key to successful garden clearance is working smarter, not harder.  If you are dealing with a large space and a lot of overgrown vegetation, your manual hand tools are not really going to cut it.  

Instead, look for items that are going to make your job a lot easier.  Ask on a few gardening forums for some advice on tools and then have a look at cordless weed eater reviews and which models will be suited to your garden.


Health and safety is key

If you are going to be working with power tools or in other precarious situations, it’ is important that you make it as safe as possible.  Use all of the necessary safety equipment and protection for your head, hands, and eyes.  

Be mindful of your posture when you are reaching, lifting, and carrying items.  It is always better to make more trips with less weight than it is to put your back out by overloading yourself. 


Look for hidden treasures

A rubbish-filled, overgrown garden could be hiding some gems.  People tend to find timber, old furniture, bricks, and other materials that can be used to create something new, interesting planters, or sell to someone who can. You may not even have to pay for the removal if you list it on a free site for someone to collect. The same can be said of plants.  Underneath all of the weeds and stinging nettles, there may be some well-cultivated plants and hedges in there which you can incorporate into the design of your new garden

You can use the overgrown grass and clippings to create a compost heap in the garden so that you can use it to fertilize your new look garden in the future.  


Admire your blank canvas

Garden clearing can be stressful and even overwhelming. My buyers dreaded the yard but loved the inside of the house. Once they have cleared the space, they were amazed at how big it turned out. You can do that too and begin to plan the fabulous things you can do with it.  

Make it a very exciting and memorable day. 🏵

Until next time, dear friends.


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2 thoughts on “Clearing An Overgrown Garden

  1. Excellent topic to cover. We have too many trees on our property for proper fire mitigation. It really became necessary to pay for a professional crew to do some thinning. It’s still an ongoing project.

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