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Transform Your Outdoor Space

~ Don’t ignore your outdoors. A little bit of outside makeover can do wonders for the eye and for the soul.


Think About Landscaping 

Landscaping your garden might be something you think about if you are struggling with maintaining the outdoor space as it is. Uneven surfaces can prove quite tricky when it comes to mowing the lawn, and often part of the outdoor area may need a bit of work doing to it. There are also things like erosion control that you can think about if you are located in an area where you have to deal with sloping hillsides. Landscaping your garden can be quite the project to take on, so make sure that you have planned it carefully, and you have the available budget to assign to landscaping your outdoor space. It is something that might be needed for your space and one that is worth the investment.


I will never forget my very first single-family home with the backyard that made the lawn company break their lawnmower. Being young I was misled into reimbursing them for the damage in their tools. The owner of the company was very mean, angry, and unhappy men that obviously not happy with life. He knocked on my door and informed me that the stomp in my backyard damaged his equipment. Having a little infant on my hands I hand them the money. What did I really know? Why did he not assess the area and possibly ran over the very visible stump or perhaps even did not, but went and got the unjust payment? There was no internet, blogging, or help online. Reflecting now, at least it resulted in this story, but hopefully, this person found happier ways of leading this life.


Buy New Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is something that is very inviting and appealing to have around your property. Seating areas or rusty, dirty, and might be many years old is only going to make you want to spend more time away from your yard than enjoying it. With that in mind, it might be worth obtaining some new outdoor furniture to actually sit on, and it is advised to pick items that are waterproof and sunproof since they can end up lasting a lot longer as a result. Who wants to sit on wet cushions, anyway? Not me.


Bring Light To Your Space

One of the challenges of enjoying your yard space during the shorter days of the year is that it usually goes and feels dark a lot quicker Coming back home from work, and having no lit-up areas, takes away from the outside relaxation. So why not bring that light to space with a fire pit, for example? It can keep you warm during those colder evenings while providing a bit of cozy illumination for the yard. You could also get some solar-paneled lights to place around the outdoor area in order to help bring the light to different parts of your household.


Add Decking

Finally, a little bit of decking can really transform your outdoor space and can also add some value to your home too. Decking has many advantages, including being warm underfoot and drying quickly, but it also adds warm tones and texture to your garden – so important in giving the whole space character. A pergola doesn’t have to create shade – it can just be present to create a frame in which to place (and draw attention to) garden furniture.

You can do so much more, although this ideas are plenty for the upcoming Summer projects.

Make it a very green day.🌴

Until next time, dear friends.


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10 thoughts on “Transform Your Outdoor Space

  1. Love the chairs on the decking so inviting. People they really are so greedy and money grabbing taking money for his broken equipment that is his fault not yours, you did not borrow his equipment and break it. He broke or did not break it but took money from you. Disgusting and they know who they can take advantage of. You holding a small baby easy to push around. Bless you Luda these are things we have to be aware of. Great suggestions for the outside.

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