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Long-Term Yard Projects

~ Does your yard need a new TLC feature? Why not spend this summer working on upgrading the backyard yard, and making it a more beautiful place to relax? You do not necessarily have to spend a fortune, start small, and work with a budget. Here are some ideas for exciting new additions to get the most out of your outside space.



To make your yard safer, you might even need to get rid of any old trees, stumps, or unwanted roots getting in the way. There are tree removal services such as www.florestreeserviceinc.com that can help you do that. Sometimes tree branches can actually be hazardous to the rooflines of the house. I see often how the long limbs rub against the walls and either damage the stucco of the property or shed leaves all over the roof, making the gutters filled with debris. The most dangerous issue is the tree falling on top of the house during strong winds or hurricane season. Highly recommend having professionals assess the overgrown yards at least ones a year for your own safety.

On another hand, you might want to actually plant some. You might need to carefully think about where to put them. You also need to take into account root health, weather, soil conditions, and aftercare. You can plant trees, depends where you reside, and most likely in a specific time of the year-round. Some trees are easier to plant than others, for a selection of trees to look at, start here.

water-lily-1857350_960_720 (1)


A pond is a fantastic feature that brings a positive feng shui concept to any yard. It adds a touch of elegance, serenity, and calmness. Installing a pond will make a nice home to host both fish, birds, and amphibian visitors. Adding decorative rocks and some vegetation surrounding it so that the animals can get in and out. Be sure to add water lilies and greenery to keep it fresh and inviting. Here is a list of popular aquatic plants. The list surprised even myself, as I discovered that the desired and highly used creeping jenny is one of the great additions to the water ponds. Who would have thought?


Before you start your pond project, think about what you will do with the loose soil afterward. Many people plan to use this topsoil for their trees and flower beds. There are a variety of ways to reuse the soil in an eco-friendly fashion. See here for more garden pond building tips


Porch and Decking

A porch extension or refurb is a great way to add additional square footage to your property. Think about your options. You could extend the house into the backyard with a beautiful winter garden or sitting area where you might enjoy morning coffee or tea. Entertaining guests in an open space environment minimizes the risk of germs surviving on surfaces. Some of our friends do invite us and other people to their house post-Covid, with the idea to sit on the deck. Somehow the lanai/porch idea became one of the most popular houses features this Spring

It might be time to refresh your decking to a more durable and eco-friendly alternative. Reclaimed wood might be a good choice. This is simply FSC approved wood that has been recycled. Alternatively, you can browse online for reclaimed wood from interesting origins, such as beach piers. If you’re up for the job yourself, have a look at this video tutorial on how to clean, renew, and seal decking in one day.

These additions will brighten up your yard, property, and make it a more enjoyable place to be. They will also add value and character to your home. 

Make it a very green day.🌴

Until next time, dear friends.


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