5 Upgrades To Beautify Your Kitchen

~ Whether you are looking to sell your home in the future or simply want to transform the ambiance of your own kitchen there are many wonderful upgrades that you can consider – especially during the world’s slow down when there is more time to invest in DIY. 


Of course, the upgrades that you make will depend on your personal preference and your budget, but getting inspiration as to what you can do is the first step towards a beautiful kitchen space. To help guide you in the right direction, here are five suggestions: 


  • Update The Countertops 

One of the biggest and most dramatic transformations that you can make to your kitchen is to update the countertops. Whether you opt to buy granite stone, install butcher block countertops, trendy marble countertops, or another unique style it will not only add value to the room but give it a fabulous refreshed and updated look to your own home. The kitchen is the most desired space of the whole house and statistically, buyers do gravitate towards the “heart of the home” as their number one destination of the whole house. This, along with new faucets, are key steps towards the refreshed look of the center of the house.


  • Add An Island

Although many modern houses come with these already installed, older properties might have a simpler L-shaped layout without an island in the middle. or better yet little islands that don’t encompass the areas where family members or guests can comfortably socialize or have a meal. Kitchen islands are not only stylish but are a key feature within a kitchen. They do come in different shapes and styles. As a realtor, I do witness the new islands add much more value to the property and peak desired interest of the buyers. Moreover, they look great on internet images. My favorite is a wide granite or quartz island that is rounded at the edges or looks like an ergonomic ocean wave. There are so many styles, somehow visiting the homes for sale never gets old.


Plus, in the meantime, you can use the extra counter space to cook up a storm when your friends and family visit for a dinner party! My next house will only have an island for entertainment. No more dining rooms, they appear to be a waste of space in 2020. Moreover, they segregate the guests. No, no more. I do have clients that are still looking forward to boxy rooms, but they are the minority nowadays. 


  • Upgrade the Lighting

Let’s call it the “jewelry of the room”. Beautiful lighting can make all the difference to any space – especially the one that appears to be on the larger size. A quick, simple, and budget-friendly upgrade, could be the most popular styles, I see: are pendant lights and industrial-style wire lights. The lighting that you go for will, of course, depend on the aesthetic that you are trying to achieve. You can mix the crystal pendants with the modern kitchen or brass type of chandeliers, it all depends on your own taste. The majority of the homes currently are geared towards the barn or transitional look, but after the Spring of 2020, it could all change. Who knows? May be antique look will become popular once again. 


  • Consider New Flooring

A bigger change that you could make is to add a new tiling or better yet engineered hardwood update for your kitchen. I love the durability of such materials and they could really last 100 years. Maybe you will want to remodel prior the century expires, LOL, but the fact that you have such a great warranty on the supplies gives the homeowners peace of mind.  


  • Clear The Clutter 

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly upgrade, then why not consider giving the kitchen a good old clear out? Getting rid of any ingredients that are past their sell-by date, any cutlery you no longer use, etc. Recently, I recently walked through a listing that had ALL their kitchen spices, pots, and pans right on the counter. Oh MY, my head was spinning and buyers could not concentrate on the home structure. Instead, we were trying to discern what does that family use for cooking and how do they even cook with all the counter space taken up by household items. Please just clean out space. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you go! Those are 5 simple upgrades that you can make that will transform your kitchen. Whatever you decide to do to your kitchen, you will have a beautiful space that has a welcoming atmosphere from the moment you or your guests walk into it.

Make it a very creative day, my dear friends.

Until next time,


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