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Common House Pests

~ When it comes to dealing with common home pests, the most straightforward and most likely quick solution is to simply speak to a pest control expert.


If you see creepy crawlers, hear buzzing in the walls, or even get an itch or bites on your skin, professionals take care of matters fast, but it is always a good idea to implement preventative measures to avoid common household pests in the near future in your own home.


A proactive way to deal with pests

When you notice trails of ants in your home or small holes in your walls, it’s not very pleasant to share the space with the unwelcomed intruders. I, for example, automatically think that my cleaning was not up to par and that while rushing to tidy up my home, I missed some of the areas. Additionally, now the chemicals have to be used, or do they? This new information was super interesting to learn: Ground cinnamon can be a useful tool to remove an ant scent trail. They dislike eating this spice and go out of their way to avoid any cinnamon-scented or coated areas. What’s the harm then sprinkling it around the trail, corners or crack of the house? It only adds to the inviting home odor, on top of serving as a pest shield.

The baking soda serves the same function. It’s a great tool to help remove the scent trail of scavenging ants. What a handy substance to have in your arsenal of cooking helpers.


Pests in the Garden

Slugs and snails are both unwanted pests d to contend within your garden, even if I find them very cute. They are highly attracted to your vegetable patch and will chew right through the leaves. They eat the bulbs, blooms, leaves and many other green plants that they find. Sliming trails could be observed at night by using the flashlight to confirm this particular pest. They pose a threat all year round, but there are different things you can do to get rid of slugs and snails for good. One of my very favorite methods is to recycle used eggshells. Put them in the ziplock bag, zip it up, and crush them with the rolling pin. The fine mashed up hard eggshells will serve as a physical repellent to slugs and snails. Interestingly enough, these creatures have a memory to survive, and once their gentle belly gets damaged or cut by the shells they crawl away and do not come back! You can say they learn the lesson from the very first time.


It will save you money

Hiring a pest control expert is arguably the best way to stop a pest infestation, but it is very pricey and can cost a lot of money if the pests have rooted themselves deep in the structure of your home or in your garden soil. As a result, it can be quite expensive to get rid of pests if you leave it too late or let them run free around your home.

This is not ideal, which is why preventative measures can be quite economical and you have a better chance to identify infestations before they have a chance to multiply.


When preventative measures simply not enough

There are usually factors out of your control that might cause pest problems. For instance, if you are living in an apartment and your neighbor is not taking out their trash, then it could lead to mice or palmetto bugs infesting the building and eventually causing issues for you as well. This is fairly common in shared building walls and there’s little you can do even if you utilize all of these preventative measures.

What about the bird feeder that you put outside of your window and only to notice that they squirrels take over and feed on your bird seeds instead? Or when you diligently work on the berry/fruit orchard and all your efforts are overtaken by noisy squirrels? In this case, it’s best to find out more details at animalcontrolspecialists.com and other similar websites to help you deal with specific pests. Of course, if you know the pest that you are dealing with, then it can greatly increase your chances of combating the pests and preventing them from infesting your home.


When you spend so many hours making your home look as beautiful and functional as possible, the last thing you want is for a pest to come along and ruin it. Keep your eyes out for these four garden pests and make sure you deal with them as soon as you notice the invasion. The faster you act on the treatment of unwelcome visitors the safer and more productive your yard will be.

Make it a very green and safe day.

Until next time, dear friends.


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