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Spring Tulips

~ Cheers to Nature, sunshine, air, water and colorful blooms in the backyard. On the gloomy rainy morning, this post by Yard and Pond cheered my senses up and elevated my spirits. Sharing with my friends to pass on happiness and sunshine.

Tulips are one of the first big blasts of colors in the early spring. There are so many varieties and such vivid colors. They really stand out in the landscape. Tulips are an easy bulb to grow in containers or flower beds, and they will return every year to brighten up the first days of […]




via Spring Tulips — Yard and Pond

Much love and peace to all of you. Make it a very green day.🌿

The images here do not belong to Luda, but to Yard and Pond

© 🌱

43 thoughts on “Spring Tulips

      1. Thanks Luda.. ❤ neither can I.. lol.. At the moment its full of wallflowers 🙂 very colourful display, they were last years that never bloomed so I left them in the ground and this Spring they are something special 🙂


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