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Time For Spring And Nature Renewal

~ The first day of spring is here, and for many unhappy winter dwellers, it’s finally time to embrace the wakeup call of mother nature!


Indeed, more and more individuals struggle with seasonal affective disorder during the winter months as a result of decreased exposure to direct sunlight. Consequently, now that the days are getting longer – and, more importantly, now that you can begin to notice the difference in the late hours of the afternoon – it’s not uncommon to feel more at peace with yourself and the world. But you can boost your positive feelings by focusing your energy on the garden to create a spring-friendly environment for the wildlife to come into play. Indeed, there’s nothing happier than doing your part to help nature to wake up after the long winter.


The little additions to help mother nature

Now is the best time to introduce transformations to your garden landscape. Indeed, with the cold temperatures coming to an end, the soil is likely to become more malleable, which makes it a lot easier to mend and transform. To come back to life, the wildlife in the location needs a combination of nutrients and water. It is a good idea to start digging the first layer of soil to help break the compact ground and encourage better water absorption in case of rain. Additionally, aerating the soil would be a favorable thing to do for fertility. Plan to apply nutrients on the dry ground; you can use your compost bin to keep it as eco-friendly as possible. The soil needs nourishment to feed the first spring plants. Last, but not least, you can also consider the installation of a pond with a water pump system – check out the equipment you need with specialists such as Sawyer Waterscaping Store – to provide the local birds and bugs with a body of freshwater. Indeed, as insects and birds come to your garden, they are likely to transport seeds that can harvest in nourished mother earth.


Plants work hard for wildlife already

Once you’ve prepared the ground and found an attractive factor for the wildlife, your garden can start developing an exciting life cycle. For instance, did you know that plants could hear insects buzzing in their proximity? As a result, flowers react and make themselves more appealing by sweetening their nectar. The ability to interact with pollinators enables plants to spread and guarantee their survival. From a gardener’s perspective, it means that your garden can virtually look after itself. as long as you have provided a sturdy foundation to build on.


Spring is here to heal your mind, too

Looking after your garden can help you to reclaim your connection to nature, especially at the end of the winter months. Helping nature to come back to life gives you a positive boost. Moreover, when you find yourself surrounded by plants and wildlife, your stress levels naturally shrink. Indeed, nature helps you to unplug and center your mind – a simple walk in your garden helps you to forget about your everyday worries!

grounding legs

Now’s the best time to go out and prepare your backyard and garden to embrace the potential of spring. But, more to the point, as you develop your garden, you actively fight off SAD and help to make the planet a little greener. What is not to like?


Much love and peace to all of you. Make it a very green day.


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43 thoughts on “Time For Spring And Nature Renewal

  1. Hi Luda,
    How delightful to receive this post in my inbox just as the birds are tweeting outside from the open window. I can’t believe how I thought I was getting so in touch with the seasons that the first day of spring came as such a surprise although I had the date so set in my mind. What does that say about me?
    It seems ages since we spoke. I have been so involved with the word press process associated with ‘jiggling’ my blog recently that I have neglected my reading.
    Hope all is well with you .
    The bird pics are lovely.🌿💐🌷🌹🌼🌸🌝🐧

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your post alone rejuvenated me Luda and our plot now is being planted and l agree with you about our moods over the winter period,.. Its been lovely to have the warmth of the sun again..
    Even though for this week its gone back to winter showers again .. lol.. We are in the right month now April, to see the renewal of Spring time..
    Much love and wonderful post.. ❤
    Take care Luda.. Much love

    Liked by 2 people

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