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Could Your Garden Be Even Greener?

We all want our lawn to be as green as possible, right? A green lawn or garden is a healthy place that harbors a lot of thriving plants and flowers within it. Green lawns could also be a healthy ecosystem for local wildlife. But have you ever thought about trying to make it green more naturally? After all, green can also mean environmentally friendly.


It doesn’t take much to create a garden that is eco-friendly and has little impact on the environment around it. If you are interested in trying this, all you need to do is follow these handy steps.


Use Rainwater

You will need to use a lot of water in your garden for jobs like watering the plants. Some communities or even country regions don’t allow to use water at certain months of the year or hours of the day. Some people have their sprinklers on during the rain. Not only that, though, but it is quite wasteful. Ideally, you could collect rainwater for use in your garden, it’s quite simple and economical. I have tried it in Maryland and was able to collect large volumes of water, especially after it rained. It seems like a worthwhile practice, especially for Southern climates.



Encourage Wildlife

It’s always good to try and encourage as much wildlife in your garden as it seems fit, especially cross-pollinators, such as bees and birds. Armadillos, moles and even possums eat grubs, so I do consider them beneficial, no matter what others might say. These animals can help spread grass seeds around your garden, naturally, so you don’t have to sow them every year. Plus, wildlife can also control the number of pests in your garden, so you don’t have to resort to using harsh chemicals and sprays.

rabbit lawn


Use Organic Plant Food

If you like using fertilizer in your garden, it’s a good idea to switch to organic types as these are a lot safer and eco-friendlier. They won’t damage wildlife’s habitats and are also not as dangerous to humans. My favorite fertilizer consists of worm compost, mushroom and leaf mulch or rabbit manure. If you buy an agricultural sprayer pump online, you will not need to go to all the trouble of spreading the fertilizer on your garden yourself. Simply empty it into the pump, and let this cool piece of equipment do all the hard work for you. Owning one of my own machines works wonders for me and I use it to spray neem oil all over the trees, bushes or plants that need help in thriving. Green leaf color has never been more prevalent, thanks to the application of neem oil spray with the help of my automatic fertilizer machine.


Make Your Own Compost


If you do not already compost, you should really consider doing so. First, it is a great way to use up any plant-based food waste that you might have in the kitchen. You just need to put all the plant leftovers in your compost bin or in-ground hole and wait for it all to decompose outside, turning it time to time, while it bakes under the sun.  Second, it can help you keep your gardening costs down as you will not have to buy it again as often! Having done that on my own, it gives me great satisfaction in recycling food, not being wasteful and nourishing the garden in the natural way possible.



As you can see, turning your garden environmentally friendly isn’t as hard as you might have thought!


Have a very green day, my friends.


Photographs listed here do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com



36 thoughts on “Could Your Garden Be Even Greener?

  1. Great tips and water saving is important in water restricted areas. Years ago we used to siphon the bath water with the hose to water the garden and the same with the washing machine in drought times. I love the eco-friendly ideas in the garden it encourages wildlife to venture in and care for the garden. We all need to work together. Bless you Luda.

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  2. Making your own compost when you are into gardening is a very good idea, Luda. Giving back the nutrients to the soil from all the kitchen scraps is a rewarding activity. Very nice photos always accompany your interesting blog. Best wishes, Luda!

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  3. Always you give us plenty of tips Luda.. And yes we have barrels that collect rain water from the sheds and greenhouse roof.. But even they we had used up this dry spell this year.. Composting oh yes, so easy to do.. We put a good Lawn weed and feed on our lawns in the spring, but without the rain.. and a water hosepipe ban, even our lawns are yellow and dried… 😀

    Happy gardening dearest Luda.. Loved all your images.. ❤

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    1. You are doing everything you can, sweet Sue. Sorry to hear about the dry spell, so tough to see the crops struggling. So much effort. I bet the water barrels will help quite a lot. And the water hosepipe ban, wow?! That is a struggle.

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      1. The water barrels were soon emptied, and not enough rain as yet to refill them… But we manage.. I use the washing up water on the shrubs in the home garden, so as not to waste it. A little washing up soap will not harm them.. ❤

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      2. No just being practical.. No point in wasting water down the drain when the garden needs it.. 🙂 lol.. We have to make the best of things. with what we have.. ❤


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