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Getting Your Yard Ready For Fall

With the rainy season in full swing, here in Florida, all the storms, water, lightning, thunder and humid effect the yard’s vegetation in many ways. It’s wise to plan for Fall yard needs and is best to start sooner than later.


During the warm days, your mind drifts outside and you rather enjoy your yard, than do much work around it. While a little pruning here and it is definitely therapeutic, we tend to delay the major yard work for cooler seasons.  Allocating milder, more forgiving weather for any further yard needs. Whether you want to take on some of the tasks yourself, or you tend to hire professionals, now is the perfect time to start planning. 


A Good Trim

Take a look at your hedges, bushes, and trees. Are they growing faster than expected during the Summer? Do the branches extend from your property? Perhaps they are blocking the entryway and the backyard path. Due to intense sunlight and Summer precipitations, all vegetation tends to grow much faster. The beauty trim would work wonders for the aesthetic appeal and to stimulate future growth. Pinching the heads of the dead flowers redirects plant energy into new or side growth as well. You might want to move your trinkets around, to have the overstimulated growth evenly trimmed from all the sides. Don’t forget to put them back, though. 


A Little More

If you have lots of trees or larger shrubs, then it’s time to get a tree service in to tame the droopy branches. Due to all the lightning storms, our bigger trees suffer some damage from time to time. Last week, right after the loud Summer storm, one of our larger tree trunks were split in two. The large branch fell and dangled over the entrance. We barely made it out the property. Good thing the tree service came in handy and removed the large hanging hazardous branch. Moreover, we are fortunate it did not fall on any of our fence structures, cars or body parts. Thus, scanning your yard to evaluate potential problems, clean up or services is a great way to preplan for the Autumn season. 


Pressure Washing

It’s also the time of year that you may want to think about resurfacing or pressure washing. All the humid leaves the moldy residue on the building and fence structures and a good cleaning will freshen up the area and will make it look new all over again.


New Landscaping Ideas for next growing season

Finally, after all the trials and errors of this year, you might want to plan a new set of trees, hedges, flowers or bushes to add to your garden area for the next season. Start your plant research now. Fall is an excellent time to plant new trees, bushes, and hedges. Roots form and grow under the ground. By the time Spring comes, your new adopted plants will be ready to proliferate. With newly incorporated landscaping ideas, come mid-Spring, you will be totally ready to enjoy your garden and it will look incredible once again.


Have a very green day everyone.


Photographs listed here do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com




27 thoughts on “Getting Your Yard Ready For Fall

  1. How pleasant to view the beauty of your yard and read about preparations for next year! We are still in the mids of a very hot summer unable to do much in this heat except to go swimming in the lake. Thank you, Luda, for the good advice! I will reread later when the weather will get a little cooler.

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  2. Great advice.After yesterday’s adventures, it was time here on the opposite coast — but several orders of magnitude drier — to do the same thing. Filling up bins and compost piles with clippings. And that was only a tiny portion of the yard!!

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  3. Great tips Luda, yes it has been easy just to sit and enjoy the yard in the summer but I do also enjoy thinking about tidying it up ready for autumn and thinking about plans for next year!


    1. I hear its much easier to reside in apt in terms of constantly maintaining the outside growth. Thank you, nevertheless for reading and enjoying the scenery. It’s therapeutic and healing to look at trees in its own right.

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