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3 Cool Trinkets To Add To Your Garden

The garden is an extension of my home, but moreover its an extension of my soul. This Sunday mission was as simple, as it gets: pull Summer weeds. If you could only see the rude invasion of the unwanted seedlings. I called my son to help me with this task. Let’s say it took an offer that he could not refuse to get him to help with pesky weeds and the job that he could care less about. Some plants had such a strong root system that he had to use a machete and all his manly strength to get the job done.

Here are three ideas that entered my mind during the process of cleaning the garden space:

  1. Tidy Up. Believe it or not, a garden that is simply free of debris and tidy can transform the way it looks. It is an efficient way to increase the appeal of your yard, but getting the lawn mowed and trimming down the shrubbery prove that the luxury is in the smallest details. A good tidy clean up can truly beautify the space, declutter the yard and if you add a couple of cute ornaments while you’re there, space will look and feel as new all over again.


2. Décor. Pooling weeds were hard work and we were exhausted. Trying to seek solace from the burning sun heat, son and I was looking for an outer bank’s outdoor furniture we could sit down on. It is not in the garden, but in the lanai where we had to rest, hydrating and taking a breather. At least, we had chairs and table available. Thus, the patio furniture does come in quite handy, especially when you try to enjoy nature, weather and outside environment.

Courtesy of Pinterest



3. Lighting. This idea is quite new to me and intriguing. Not only it adds the decorative touch to the garden, but it also serves as a guiding light. Try out a solar chandelier and hang it from the tree in the back. LED lighting that borders your landscaping can make your garden look so lit up and festive. Many times I enter the garden at night with the headlight on my head to see what bugs are eating the crops and to investigate or spray organic oils in the evening, away from the sunlight. Having an available environmentally friendly garden chandelier that lights up the way would make a difference, I think.



Hope this post will help you find some fun decorative aspects for your own garden.


Have a very green day everyone.


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46 thoughts on “3 Cool Trinkets To Add To Your Garden

  1. I love all the notions, and I would like to add some information for consideration about the night lighting. For those that live in an area with fireflies, most solar lamps don’t have a manual or timer shut off (some have motion sensors, but not the decorative type for obvious reasons). Any artificial light inhibits fireflies from finding one another and disrupts breeding. In our area, as with others, the firefly numbers have been severely reduced to the point where there are now firefly watch programs that try to also educate the public about their endangerment and how they can help.

    I know fireflies are something that folks don’t often think about these days, but hopefully anyone that decides to add any night light to their property will consider them as well when they choose what type they will purchase. If fireflies are known to be in your area, please choose fixtures that are as firefly friendly as they can be.

    If you search for “fireflies reduced in numbers due to night light”, you’ll see loads of articles that discuss this modern day plight of fireflies.

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    1. Hi Lily, your knowledge is super helpful. Thank you for sharing this new information. Poor little fireflies, they appear so magical and certainly don’t want to contribute to their reduced numbers in nature at this point. Something to ponder on, indeed. I will share this info with my family right now. Very grateful to you.

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      1. Glad to be of service. I’ve only recently found my own local watch group and learned about the groups overall after I needed to ID a bug I snapped a shot of one day I was pretty darn sure was a firefly. That’s when I found out how much their numbers had fallen in our area.

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  2. I completely agree about a rush garden looking a million times better. You did well getting help, i found getting kids to help weed is tricky. So annoying when they leave the roots and rip off the leaves only.

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