Spread the Light. Be the Lighthouse.✨✨✨

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”🌅

~Edith Worton

🍵Coming up on this inspiring quote, drinking my green tea in silence, this newly discovered phrase deeply resonated with my being. Going through people my path has crossed, I could count scantly who brought the light and vividly who tried to crush mine.🌄


Year after Year, the appreciation of human kindness brings me to tears of joy. Practicing care in return and spreading the light makes every day more fulfilled and worth while. Humanity is ultimately good, I confirm, over and over again.🌅


What does that mean to you to be the lighthouse?🎇


Would love to hear your stories and experiences of harvesting the light and honoring those souls that shared it with you.🌠

Cape Cod NS Highland Light Station 5

Hopefully, Even at the times of ominous waves, storms and upcoming struggles, you will find yourself standing strong, tall, grounded and shining brightly.🎆


Each of us makes the choice of how to lead our journey. Only you can decide how you will share your light with the world.🌎

Make it a shiny, worthwhile day,💫


Disclosure: The images used in this post (including the Header Image) do not belong to Plantsandbeyond.

42 thoughts on “Spread the Light. Be the Lighthouse.✨✨✨

  1. A lovely post Luda. There are so many ways we can offer help and I believe there is no shame in accepting help when in need. Human kind has survived for such long period because of seen and unseen candles.

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  2. Wonderful words. Being a lighthouse resonates with me as a parent and step-parent. You have to radiate light for guidance, but never control.

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  3. What does it mean to me to be the lighthouse? To me, it means to lead and to illuminate the multiple choices that each of us have in our lives. Whether I agree or disagree with those choices, it is a beacon of information and of education to those that seek advice. How they use that information is purely up to them. But I feel that being the lighthouse is analogous to being a true time-tested friend that helps others along their pathway in times of instability and in times of need. Equally important, it marks the rocky shores of danger and rough waters that others need to be warned about avoiding, even if they don’t want to acknowledge that truth. To me, it is an icon of stability and reliability.

    Wow! Beautiful pictures and very thought provoking, L. Great Post.

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    1. Hiiiiiiii EWF👋👋👋. So happy to see you and fortunate are those who have you as a caring friend . Love your deep analogies and reflections , always. Question to you pls- somehow I can’t click on on your website to see if / what you write or read more about you – such wise enigma you are 😉 is there a blog / page / site that kindly shares your Inner light 💡? 😉 let me know please 🙏🏼 have a great night , 🙂 oh , and know that you light up the pages when you respond right here ! So thank you

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  4. Unfortunately I don’t have a website, yet. But do enjoy responding to your posts and adding some degree of both depth and color to them. I suppose it is my creative side being given the opportunity to be expressed! I’m happy and honored that you appreciate my addition to your pages.

    Thank you, kindly, for you compliments.

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  5. Here’s a recorded poem about plant spirituality. On my site you’ll find all manner of works on authenticity, ascension, Gaia/nature, and spiritual commentary from all over the world — you may feel free to troll it for further material or let me know what you’d like best to see & I’ll send you some. There’s a print version of the sonnet in this recording on the site as well, if you’d prefer it. Keep up the wonderful work! Ana

    “The Secret Life of Plants”

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  6. Beautiful, a light shines brighter in darkness. The world would be brighter if we let go of the temporal darkness by walking as a fiery light which can never be flicked off. This could only be by example, how many of us would choose to lead by example, or commit?


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