What I learned from NOT Blogging

Two weeks of silence, no writing, no communication….NO BLOGGING.


It has been long two weeks of hermit-like existence off the Web space. No Facebook, No Instagram, No Blogging and No Social Sites; Back to the early 90’s. What does that mean in now day and age?

fountain pen on text sheet paper with rose

  1. Discovered that I really missed 2 weeks of events, celebrations, checking ins, pictures, selfies, recipes and mostly negative news.
  2. Missed out on friend’s noncritical advertised events and the socially enthused responses to their experiences.
  3. Being Uninformed is the consequence as a direct result of being away from the internet world.
  4. As you defrost from the time capsule, it’s a quick rush catching up on what really happened out there – all without you.
  5. Curious to observe how the world moves on without your presence in it. No-one is irreplaceable. How true.
  6. Gained peace and calm by not being disturbed by foreign to me people’s life-changing events. Life could be so even-keeled drama.
  7. By being stagnant, creativity just took the back seat. Not blogging, not planting, not creating, not cooking, not making, not sharing. Hmmm. The object in motion stays in motion is correct.
  8. Most of all, I missed the newly supporting community that helps me day to day share my life perception and gain the understanding of their own reality.


Wishing you all to continue writing, creating and making this world a better place.

Happy Blogging. Even if the writing is infused with unexpected intervals, it is still a small miracle to some.






60 thoughts on “What I learned from NOT Blogging

    1. Vero, thank you for making my eve. So nice of you . Sometimes I feel as people are so easily replaced. But, at the same time, they are not. Noone has the same trades as the others. Negative or positive- all are our teachers. Hope Canito feels better real soon.

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  1. This is really interesting. I am using social media in a completely different way since I started blogging. Before I started my blog (6 weeks ago) I had almost had it with social media, only staying on facebook so that I did not lose touch with far-away friends. Now I am using twitter for quick fixes of nice photos and tips; facebook is more a conduit to share blog posts and find others; WordPress has become my go-to social media and I am finding it a lovely supportive, informative, creative space. I just don’t get Instagram yet. I love the idea of people using social media for positive, life-affirming messages, and I think you can do this, with a bit of careful editing and selecting what you focus on. Thank you for a thought-provoking post, sorry for going on so!

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    1. Now I am intrigued. I never explored Twitter, but super curious now what is it really about. FB has been my internet 🙂 Perhaps, you are more business savvy and intelligently use the engines to their best capacity. I have to learn from you. Instagram is more for pics and my kids use it the most. Wow. Lots to think about. See, it goes both ways. Your reply is thought-provoking for sure 🙂

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  2. Welcome come back, Luda! I’ve been blogging on and off although I’ve scheduled posts for this month. I’ve been checking in two days a week to catch up with blogs. Sometimes, it’s great to take a break from social media.

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    1. Hi PT. You are wise as always. Thank you for your support. How have you been? Staying out of trouble, I hope 🙂 BTW the allergies here are at all-time high. After the first freeze in 10 years, the oak trees are working very hard at reproduction…..Thought of you and your eye drops many times ;))))))))))…

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  3. Glad you are back. It is nice to take time to yourself though. Unplug every so often really helps to get my focus back on writing. It is nice to know that I am not the only one! I love the WP community and how supportive it is. (Wish the rest of the I world was the same)

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      1. Lol hugs back! We do think alike! Glad you are a part of this community! And I cant wait to read what you come out with next!

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  4. Great idea to keep ourselves away from social networking. I do take a break once in a while intentionally, it helps me to keep my mind afresh and to think in different perspectives !

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      1. It’s true! Inertia has direction and energy and continues until actively changed. And it takes a lot of energy to do that. How beautiful and introspective of you to take the time to do this. Sometimes you need to take a big step back and take the time to look around you to see what’s important and what really matters. As Robert frost once said about The Road Not Taken…. “I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Sometimes just stepping back from the daily routines is what is needed to realize what is actually so important in your proximity, to see what actually matters, and psychologically recharge. We should all do this more often.

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      2. Love your comment and appreciate that you read this post. You sound very deep as well . What is more interesting is that I realized that all the people’s energies pulled me too much into their own agenda – frankly, it’s nice to be grounded and re-balanced for a change. Thank you, Earth/Wind/Fire – I really love connecting to similar mind people – very much appreciate your reflection 🌎💨🔥

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  5. This was so interesting. An internet hiatus is off the books for so many, but it has its positives and negatives. I have found the community here so supportive, yet there is the pressure for creativity daily, and writing other material takes a back seat. I think I learned from this that a finding a happy medium is paramount. I loved your writing. You have a very readable and relatable style.

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