My First….. American Alligator

They exist, they exist, Alligators are real. Serene Sunday family dinner was full of excitement. 


Turns out there are 2000 alligators in this local Tarpon Spring Lake. Ah hmmm, practically in my backyard? Really? They do look so cute, though…


Swimming by nonchalantly



Dinner with fresh caught Grouper Fish



Owls to scare real birds



Kids, don’t try this at home 🙂

Later, Alligator.


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34 thoughts on “My First….. American Alligator

  1. Have you ever eaten alligator Luda? I KNOW you’ll like it! Have you ever caught an alligator to de-skin, de-gut, prep, and grill to eat!? Mm-mm-MMM, it’s so good you’ll NEVER eat octopus ever again! 🐊🍽

    And absolutely keep little kids and pets safely away from gator-infested waters!!! 😮

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    1. HI, we had alligator and kangaroo meat in Australia. I think the Kangaroo meat was overcooked as it was a little tough! But the alligator, which had been marinated was delicious 🙂

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