More than 100 followers!?!

I am so happy and surprised to be celebrating a hundred followers! I only started this blog less than a month ago and wasn’t sure how it will progress, to be honest. But having dear readers, especially those who comment, is what inspires me to write again and again.

I find blogging community is very friendly and supportive. Thank you, everyone, for making my days brighter and adding such a spark to my life.

Lots of Hugs, keep on doing what your love and reach for your dreams.



thank you for helping me grow


25 thoughts on “More than 100 followers!?!

    1. Philip, my take is that writing from the heart catches people attention. Additionally, reading everyone else’s posts (takes a lot of time, but very interesting to learn about other people and their talents)and participating in discussions leads to forming new friendships. Hope this helps. Have a wonderful day.

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