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Backyard Flowering Trees and Plants

What happens when you need a 5-minute break in your daily cycle? So what is the best human battery recharge solution?


Here is an example of overwhelming chores in one afternoon of my own life.  The moment I arrived from our Summer family trip, there was literally no time to use the restroom, sip a drink of water or take a bite to eat.  Leaving me out of breath, such tasks as unpacking our heavy suitcases for my whole family, loading  never ending noisy washing and drying machines, cooking lunch for hungry kids, washing dog bowls that were greased up from the weeks of unwashed feedings, brushing and washing smelly dogs and at the same time vacuuming the entire house, because dog fur was flying all over. Phew, just reflecting on all that needed to be done, is making me anxious…


Discovering the following particular life changing strategy makes me inspired, energized, grounded and connected to Nature while staying on top of scheduled tasks. Even after returning from a grocery shopping trip, the moment the car is parked, I run to the green lawn to find miraculous gifts of nature to set me straight into the perfect functional being again.


Back yard Flowering plants became my saviors. When the day gets hard, I come out to my own lawn in search for anything to distract my spinning thoughts. Inhaling the intoxicatingly fragrant flowers, detoxes stress levels and supercharges my inner being. I feel my vibrational energy being restored and negativity disappearing, I am safe to return home or to be off to a job, to continue bulldozing through the necessary work load.

My favorite giving plants are the Magnolia tree, Confederate Jasmine, Lemon Citrus Tree, Rose bush, Ligustrum hedge and the reliable sturdy Cedar trees.

  1. Ligustrum Japonicum is a popular homeowner’s variety of “privet hedges” and a superior form of a sturdy tree. It serves many different functions, but their snowy clusters of small whitish, creamy flowers are an acquired taste that suits me just fine. The fragrant essence does take my mind off and redirects to the appreciation of nature’s abundance.Ligustrum


  1. Louise Philippe Roses are a delight to multiple senses. The cluster of double blooms flower heads is so pleasant to touch and particularly fragrant. Can’t help but feel that this lovely scent transports me to other realms. I do not forget to thank G-d for such vivid creations for mankind.Rose



  1. Confederate Jasmine –This climbing ornamental vine is abundant in trumpet-like, white, 2-inch flowers. They are fragrant and resemble snowy stars embedded in green foliage. This plant is fragrant during the day, and even more so in the evening.





               http ://                   jasmine.html



  1. Magnolia Tree is a must in everyone’ life. The shiny broad leaf foliage and the large white flower could be as large as a dinner plate. The smell attracts many pollinators and human admirers. This flower could be used as an indoor decorative arrangement, but I prefer to come outside to touch, inhale and thank this beauty in its natural environment. The heavenly odor cleanses me from inside out and I only wish it would bloom throughout the year.




  1. Cedar tree – one of my back yard tree that connects me with the inner child. The green hand like branches are so fragrant, that walking next to Cedar puts me in the joyful spirit of Christmas. I crush the couple of finger like needles in my hand and inhale the savory aroma. According to the research by Warren and Warrenburg, in 1993, anxious feelings dissolve and the sense of well-being permeates throughout. Keeping in mind that Native Indians practiced smudging themselves with Cedar tree leaves, along with other herbs to get rid of negative energy, the state of serenity and peace lifts all concerns.

cedar tree


  1. The Lemon tree is an unexpected gift of energy revival. The 4 to 5 petal white flowers, showing up from December into March exude an uplifting aroma. Sure does lift my spirits when they are blooming in Wintery months when I invite my family and friends to experience the joy of Lemon flower aroma.





It’s clearly recognized that connecting to nature creates the sense of calm and well-being. However, inhaling flower essence not only balances energy head to toe but also elevates the soul.

Wishing you a stable and balanced daily living, enhanced with flowery, fragrant gifts of heaven, recharging your life every step of the way.

Until next time.



16 thoughts on “Backyard Flowering Trees and Plants

  1. I would love a lemon tree and confederate jasmine, but they would not survive our winters. (If only I had a greenhouse …) We used to have a small Magnolia, don’t know what kind, but it succumbed to a scale infestation.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Gardeninacity! How about a portable container potted Lemon tree? You can move it in and out doors , according to temperature. It will certainly flower and set fruit. This way you might enjoy the fragrance yearly.
      I find neem oil mixed with soap suds highly versatile. This particular mixture combats all ailments for me as nothing else did. Contact me any time. Love Gardening ❤️

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  2. You must be having a beautiful garden Luda. I do not have a garden but then to relieve my stress I take a walk in the woods or near a lake which is not very far from me. Nature helps us in every form.


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