Writers block. Sadness. Calling all Muses.

Where should I get my inspiration, feeling so down?

Writing is a form of daily creativity for me. I usually garden, cook, have multiple ideas, vivid thoughts, and fairy tale scenarios flying through my gray matter. I dream and like to stay positive.

But when I am sad and feeling the weight of the earth. My body feels like a deflated tire. Shoulders are down. As a result, my writing progress grinds to a halt. Nagging thoughts of complete mental block and hopelessness for the future stop me in my tracks.

Spiritually, I try to “Let go”. Let go of anything that does not serve my life’s passion. New age concept, but sure feels enticing. Thus:

  • I come outside of the house, barefooted, to meditate and recharge my chakras.
  • The fresh country air, cheerful bird songs, glistening dew on green grass blades and occasional color of flowers, infuse appreciation into my longing spirit.
  • I feel the wind caressing my skin, and imagine it strips me from all the fears.
  • I watch the feather clouds move through the sky, carrying away negativity.
  • Warm rays of bright sun hug my face.
  • I pet smooth coats of my loving puppies and enjoy watching them frolic. Dogs seem to not need anything more than loving affection.

So why are humans so complicated? Why are we never satisfied with what is? The loving reality is so simple, yet does not register in our post-millennial DNA.

Knowing that blogging connects us together, I seek advice here, at Worldpress.com

Any further guidance from my fellow writers regarding how to find my Muse in the time of need would be appreciated beyond words…


Until next time….

By Luda, at PlantsandBeyond



19 thoughts on “Writers block. Sadness. Calling all Muses.

    1. How nice to get an instrospective eval from a professional. Thank you so much for your comment, Dr. Martina! Very insiteful – I will certainly follow your recommendation. Very grateful.


  1. I experienced something similar and went to an arboretum two hours away from my residence. After three and a half hours of appreciating the legacy a garden-lover left behind for generations to enjoy, I was finally “unstuck.” All of the jogging, yoga, and meditation I normally do was not enough. Experiencing someone else’s vision and passion along with appreciation for God’s creation opened my third eye and throat Chakras like no other.

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  2. I often feel the same way. It seems that I’ve been emptied all of a sudden. I usually stop thinking (literally) I focus on something that I wish for that might happen in a near future, I just sing if I’m alone or even I keep my blog going because it helps my mind to clear the negative thoughts. I hope this helps.


  3. It happens very often to me to feel that way, as if I’ve been emptied. I usually stop thinking (literally) I focus on something that I really want that might come true in a near future or I sing if I’m alone or even I keep my blog going because it helps to push away the negative thoughts, or the last thing I do if nothing else works, I think at the thing I love most


    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful advice, Novuslectio! So interesting and I will certainly try singing next time. I forgot about music’s magic all along. Thank you for reminding me.


  4. After reading this very well written piece, I had to give it a night so I could really answer it without jumping the gun. I too have issues with writer’s block and it seems to control a large part of my creative life.

    I do really like your bullets on how to get inspiration. Reading them inspired me to write more about nature and the people who are in tune with it. As a city dweller, just hearing those words in my head helped me see the zen place where you are, and the picture fits in very nicely.

    Daily I write something: it doesn’t matter what. Some days, I admit, I just don’t write and I don’t get upset about it anymore — I just let writer’s block happen when it comes. But lately, I’ve started using comments, messages from friends on facebook, and daily talking interactions with strangers as a way to get my brain going because I’m not really a “small talk” kind of person. I use talking to strangers as a way to gauge what the world is actually like (compared to what I read in the news). I find it helps center me, it helps kill my ego that says I know everything. I used to be a hermit, and avoided people as much as possible… I used to also be the kind of writer who didn’t make outlines, or like to talk about ideas until I started to actually write it down. I have half written stories, or just openings for stories all over the place.

    When I have writer’s block:
    -I read either news articles or other people’s work;
    -I read my own work and either edit something to make it read better, or I will go back into one of those half written stories and keep adding on to it;
    -I’ll look up paintings, or artwork (at an art gallery, online or on Instagram [there are so many amazing artists on there!!]) by my favorite artists to get inspired;
    -I’ll draw, paint, or go out and take pictures my self;
    -I go for a walk

    This is a blog post I made about writing… https://thenoisymouse.com/i-write-to-either-inspire-answers-or-remember/2 Currently, my whole blog isn’t accessible by the public but this post I think might inspire you. (please what the video, that’s the main part because that’s what inspired me to write that post)

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    1. Oh my Goodness, NoisyMuse. I am so humbled by your heartfelt response. Thank you for sharing your sincere ideas with us, especially the painting suggestions. I have art books right behind my desk but rarely look through them nowadays. Thanks for reminding me. Just so happy to inspire and get feed back from others. May I please post this as a reply letter on my blog citing you and your, NoisyMuse site? So gratifying to receive such response and I already shared this with my family. Let me know, please.

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      1. Definitely my pleasure. I love reading your posts — just haven’t got to commenting on them yet. This post though, I especially liked!!

        Of course you can! I really appreciate that, it would help so much!! 🙂

        Please keep up the great work and photography — I really like the layout of your site. Looks as zen as your writing is! 🙂


  5. I have heard about meditation a lot but I feel everyone has her/his way of dealing with stress or low energy. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and I think your way of dealing with such situation is wonderful. Take care. How about having a new hobby 😀

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