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Spring Time Garden Prep

~Spring time is not so far away. We have to think ahead and properly plan for the future. March is coming sooner than you think.

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Are You Getting Enough Sunlight?

Stop and Observe how much sunlight your garden area is getting. Is there enough sunlight? How many hours a day does your garden get and what is the exposure. Is your property facing South or North? Are there brambles and unruly invasive bushes? Perhaps your area will benefit from the tree removal. So many invasive trees or even dead ones impede on properties – why not clean the yard up?

Perhaps the whole tree doesn’t need to be cut down, but just a portion of it. When the tree expert comes to take a look at things, also ask if the tree poses a threat to your home. Snow pileup can cause a tree to snap, and if it is close to your home, it could damage your house. A weak tree is another reason to potentially cut it down. 

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Plant Your Bulbs

Get your tulips and any other bulb flowers in the ground before it gets too cold and frozen. Bulbs will stay safe under the snow during the winter, and then when the spring arrives they will reach for the sunlight as the first flowers to pop up in the warm spring sunshine. Winter may be a bit warm for you right now, so take advantage of the mild temperatures and do that planting. 

The same goes for seeds. Certain seeds need to be planted in the wintertime so they can sprout in the spring. Research which veggies need winter planting, and get to spreading the seeds and watching them grow.


Service Fountains

If you have a fountain in your garden (I have two), make sure you service it yearly, at least. So much goes into the maintenance – what don’t we do for the beauty? See if the water needs to be drained. Or do the decorative lights actually work? If they do than the night spectacle is beautiful and majestic. Do you need to add chlorine tablets to kill off the bacteria? If you reside in colder climate, may be drain the water and clean the surface out in order to ensure the pipes don’t freeze and the fountain structure will remains sound and functional.

Have an amazing day, my dear friends.

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