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Tidy Up a Messy Garden

~ Making your garden a lot more functional and easier to enjoy for yourself and your whole family is quite easy- simply make it tidier.

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Don’t Cut Corners on Weed Removal

When it comes to having weeds removed from the garden, its best to finish what you started. You want to make sure that weeds are removed sooner rather than later because they most likely will only grow and spread through the garden over time. The seeds even carry to the neighbor’s lawn and getting the neighbor’s side eye is not very pleasant.

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Create Clear Pathways

Another beautiful way to spruce up your home is to create clear and neat pathways through the garden. Isn’t it beautiful when the road is paved out of the curved stepping stones? Reminds me of a zen garden where you can mentally transform into a private sanctuary by walking on such mystic paths.

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Have All of the Trees Pruned

If the trees in your garden are overgrown and out of control, it’s definitely a good idea to do some pruning. Of course, if these are large trees and there is a lot of work to do, this is not something that you will want to do alone. Many companies offers tree lopping services and have them take care of those out of control branches for you. Some instruments are just heavy and hard to maneuver (at least for me). Resorting to help is the solution I go to but to each its own.

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Eye Candy

Finally, what bout the your flower beds? Are they looking neat and tidy going forward? Staying on top of the weeding work is something that will pay off at the end by making you enjoy the aesthetics of your property. Consider using mulch to fill the space between the plants and flowers in your beds. The overall look is just so neat and inviting. The contrast of flower petals against the darker mulch will do the trick. Candy for the eye, I say.

Make it a beautiful day, my dear friends.

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