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Awesome Spring Garden Ideas

~Ahhhhh, Spring is just couple of weeks away. Isn’t a good time to start planning for the upcoming garden that will enhance the time you spend in nature?


Picture your quality evenings ahead. The daylight hours will stretch out longer, the birds and the bees will begin to slowly re-emerge and the plants that have wilted from the ice will come back with even more beauty. Do not miss this chance to start planning for a garden that would be worthy of your presence in springtime. 


A welcome retreat

As the clutches of winter slowly loosen, birds’ songs will become a welcome melody. Your own garden could be one of the first places they stop by. A birdbath bowl would be a great attraction, to all the living creatures. Birds not only get a sip of water but apparently, they can clean themselves in such a bath. These sky messengers will want to shed their winter feathers and grow brand new ones, lighter for the increasingly humid air. A bird feeder would be excellent for attracting all kinds of birds.  Feathered creatures will come rushing to your garden in order to get a full meal after they have been working so hard throughout the winter to feed themselves and their families. Putting a bath bowl and bird feeder at opposite ends of the garden would give you plenty of opportunities to watch birds in flight and play.

Introduce garden art

A Tim bush sculpture would be a very artistic feature in your garden. The dark green foliage would symbolize a new lease of life for your garden, especially after a very chilly winter. Sometimes its easier to hire a professional company to prune all the greenery for you but the upside is that you can not choose any kind of design you like. A deer, fox or even a bird would be a great choice for spring’s new design in your yard. Let your personality shine. The imagination has no limits and it might be a good way to display your creative touch

Making it more inviting

What makes a garden more inviting for you? Some people say plants, some people say water body, some people want a forest behind it, and some ask for an inviting patio to relax in. I always find it interesting to meet folks with different interests and just last week, consulted a couple that only wanted a patio on their green lawn. They did not care about plants, although asked me instead what’s the best material for a patio? Paving material is the most common option since you can use concrete, stone or brick. All are different materials but they are very durable, including the fact that it adds to the value of your property. If fitted properly, the flooring can look quite extravagant. Definitely consult with a professional company that knows how to level dirt and secures the new structure in your yard, according to code.


There is still plenty of time to think of great ideas for your spring garden. Use this winter to plan all your inspiring ideas to prepare your garden for re-emergence. 


Make it a very green day, my dear friends.


Photographs listed here do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com


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