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Passion Flower

~ As I was distributing door to door property flyers in Tampa neighborhood where my listed new house is located, I couldn’t help but notice these beautiful red flower plants. One of them was a passionflower that will result in edible fruit later on this season. They were buzzing with bees and other insects. Wonder how would the flowers taste?





“The gorgeous, three- to five-inch flowers come in shades of lavender or purple, with a wavy fringe over five petals. The middle of the bloom looks like a helipad, with a tiny yellow bean-like pollen sac suspended overhead. Each flower lasts about a day during the summer and early fall. The ovoid, green fruit is edible, if not very tasty.”



Do you guys grow this fruit? It must be prolific, although nutritious. Great for butterfly gardens as well. To attract pollinators, such as bees, moths, butterflies, other insects, bats, and hummingbirds, Passiflora have developed a wide variety of colorful, fragrant flowers. The fruits also contain a juice with a unique aromatic taste & smell.

Until next time, dear friends.


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