Forest & Nature Bathing

Heaven On Earth

~ Truth: Our St. Pete/Clear Water Beaches opened today. It looks like heaven on Earth is right here in Florida. May be 10 people, the most was sitting far away from each other, otherwise, we were empty. Water is warm and clear; manatees, pelicans, and fish are swimming. Vit D galore. Some locals were walking along the beach exercising.


~The helicopter, water, and beach police were nonstop checking the parameters. Oh, well. At least they offered friendly hand waves.


Make it a very beautiful day.🌴

Until next time, dear friends.


Photographs listed here belong to Luda


9 thoughts on “Heaven On Earth

  1. These photos capture the beauty of a beach devoid of the crowds that would normally mill around. One of the few positive aspects of the pandemic. Have a great week, Luda!


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